Take5: Fall In Love With Three Friends That Formed Moodshift


Take5: Fall In Love With Three Friends That Formed Moodshift


Three longtime friends started this year with a simple resolution, to gather each Wednesday and combined their skills and musical tastes to see where it would lead. Within a few sessions, they found music synergy, and their first project together was born, Moodshift.

The rising music trio is comprised of Lucas Nord, a music producer who produced “Run On Love” with Tovo Lo, Rasmus Flyckt a vocalist and songwriter, and Oliver Nelson who has collaborated with Kygo, make-up the supergroup.  Straight out the gate the group’s first single “Chemistry” is a feel good tune that has charmed listeners and rushed up the Nexus chart to reach the top spot this week.  The trio recently sat down to take part in Nexus Radio Take 5’s series. Take 5 minutes and get to know the group.

Before we get started, tell us about your latest project.

We are three old high school friends who after ten years of focusing on our solo careers decided to do a session together and instantly clicked musically so we decided to start this little band. In the second session we had together we wrote our debut single, “Chemistry”.

What would your friends say about you? and Who knows you the best?

They’d probably say we’re quite nice guys who are completely obsessed with music. Our families know us the best and would say the same thing.

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Where do you find inspiration?

We usually write about everyday life so I’d say that’s what inspires us!

What song/track would you like to remake? (and the reason)

We’re in love with the old classic, “Better Days” by Jimi Polo, and are working on a remake of it. That piano riff is just too good.

You must survive in the Amazon Rainforest for a year. Which 3 DJs or industry friends would you take with you and why?

We would def take our friend Tobtok and our managers Luca and Hampus coz they always take care of us.

Can you describe your life in a six-word sentence?

dance music, dance, music, dance music

Amsterdam, New York, or Tokyo?

New York all the way!

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