Take5 with Kill Me Slowly Canadian DJ and producer Jack Trades


Take5 with Kill Me Slowly Canadian DJ and producer Jack Trades


Jack Trades & Heather Janssen

Jack Trades hit the scene in 2017 with his debut singles “Hurt You Hard” and “High,” and he’s been hard at work ever since. By the looks of things, all that hard work is paying off because his recent single, “Kill Me Slowly,” which was released just last year, has already seen over four-million plays on Spotify.
That kind of success doesn’t happen overnight, though. So how did Trades learn his trade? Well, after years of DJing, Jack Trades found his way to the Point Blank Music School in London. Since graduating, he’s built a career around his unforgettable style of House Music and worked with big names like Thrive Music and Black Hole Records.
His latest collaborator is singer-songwriter Heather Janssen. Also Canadian, Janssen has built up an international fanbase on the back of her authentic pop style. The duo has already worked together once on “Kill Me Slowly,” and now they’re teaming up again.
Their new single, “On My Mind,” is a fast, powerful dance track with the kind of emotional hook you’ll never forget. At just two minutes and fifty-eight seconds, this track doesn’t outstay its welcome either. It’s a quick, catchy listen you can’t help but enjoy.
If you want to know more about Jack Trades and Heather Janssen’s latest collaboration or find out a few more personal details you wouldn’t hear anywhere else, then be sure to read our full, exclusive Nexus Radio Take5 interview.

Q: Before we dig in, what's next for you?

Jack: Lots of Collaborations, Singles, and potentially an album. Above all, I am looking forward to playing Live.

Heather: I can’t spill the beans, but I’ve been busy at work one on one of my most significant projects to date.

Q: Why did you choose to make dance music?

Jack: I was introduced to Dance Music at a very young age; I still remember the first time when someone showed me the Nadia Ali song Rapture; I was blown away. Remember hearing nothing like it! Dance Music always made me feel like I was part of something special, a culture, movement, and opportunity to express myself freely with no rules!

Q: How important are lyrics?

Jack: Extremely, they have to be relatable and tell a story. Personally, all my music has a back story, experiences that have been encountered by the singer or myself.

Heather: Lyrics are everything. They’re the heart and soul. They are what connect song to human and heart. In some songs, you merely hear the lyrics, but you feel them deeply in good songs.

Q: What do you think of Robots making music?

Jack: Fascinating but impossible right now and in the future. The reason being you can’t program emotions and life experiences. A song is nothing but an emotional expression of one’s state.

Heather: Jack nailed it. I find the idea a little freaky and strange and intriguing all at the same time. It’ll make for some exciting Human x Robot music collaborations in the future!

Q: What's something everyone should experience at least once in their life?

Jack: Swimming with the Dolphins

Heather: Contentment, with themselves and the things they have. And passion for their work and purpose. And swimming with the dolphins, too 🙂


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Jack Trades Heather Janssen

Q: Do you ever sing while taking a shower or having a bath? Why is this popular? Do you sing in tune?

Jack: I always sing while I am taking a shower, it is popular because of 2 important things 1. It’s a safe space, and no one is judging you 2. The reverb in the washroom makes everything sound better. Funny enough, I do sing in tune.

Heather: Honestly, I’ve written some of my favorite melodies in the shower. That natural reverb does wonders. If you don’t sing in the shower, you’re showering all wrong.

Q: What was the weirdest habit you had as a child?

Jack: Repeating everything you say, I was a very annoying child!

Heather: I only wore black. It wasn’t a habit, more so just a phase. I just liked black. I wonder what my teachers thought—strange time.

Q: What invention would advance humanity the most if you could go back in time and inspire someone to make a present-day invention?

Jack: Electric cars undoubtedly, provided the batteries are produced efficiently without damaging the environment. We need to protect our planet, and that is one step in the right direction.

Heather: Anything to do with the environment. A crystal ball that allows us to see into the future, know the state of the earth, and know that we’ve got to try and get our act together fast.

Q: Can You Dream Of Having A Dream?

Jack: Of course you can dream of having a dream. But, the wait, is this Pandemic happening? Are we still dreaming? Is this reality?

Heather: Of course. Anything can happen when you’re dreaming.

Q: What double standard is ridiculous and needs to be ended?

Jack: Pretending to care about a social cause and not taking any action that needed to end like yesterday.

Heather: Like Jack said, saying you stand behind something but not taking action. If you’re going to do something, do it entirely. Be confident in what you stand for and believe in.

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