Talent and Influence Combined: Nathassia Uses the Power of Music to Shed Light on Important Matters

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Multiracial electronic music DJ, singer, and songwriter Nathassia joins us at the Bowers & Wilkins pop-up studio during the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. She talks about her ADE experience, reveals the latest projects, and participates in our Take 5 series!
Electronic musician Nathassia, originally from the Netherlands and now based in London, has made a name for herself in the past several years as a creative force and muse with a genuinely distinctive musical style. With a Dutch father and an Indian mother who grew up in Suriname, South America, Nathassia was born and raised in Gouda, the Netherlands. As a result, she grew up exposed to various musical influences from different cultures and now uses her platform and artistry to celebrate her heritage
As an envoy for multiculturalism, Nathassia performed live inside Egypt’s Valley of the Kings’ Luxor Temple, and in doing so, she made history. With a voice as distinctive as Kate Bush’s, Yasmin Levy’s, and Mor Karbasi’s, she creates beautifully detailed, audaciously splendid electronica that will change how you view the genre.
Nathassia’s inner DJ came out during lockdown, and Goddess Is A DJ was created. Currently, Nathassia is concentrating on the radio above show, which is scheduled on top dance music channels with the biggest EDM DJs and is heard by millions of listeners across more than 31 nations. She mixes her club hits with the best in EDM, Bass House, Electro House, and Future House. Many radio stations, including Tune1, MaxDance, Loop Radio, Hot Hits, Lumis FM, and others, broadcast NATHASSIA’s weekly radio show, Goddess Is A DJ.

The sensational DJ and music producer is also back with another powerful release. The multiracial icon recently made "Guardian Angel" available through ArchangelUK. "Also, at the same time, I'm in the top three of the UK club chart with my song Guardian Angel. Well, I've done loads of a festival recently," she added. Expect Nathassia's music to dominate the charts, as she has hinted that new singles and an album are on the way.

Nathassia is renowned for having strong opinions on important issues, and even when asked what her highlight of the year was, she always has a purpose in mind. “Probably the Bright and Pride Parade. It was awesome, and it was such great energy. Someone’s love, and it was great to be part of a significant event because it was the first time since Covid, so it was three years. It was amazing.”
Nathassia is a musician who consistently demonstrates that her talent and abilities are unmatched, pushing herself to create excellent music with a strong message that appeals to listeners worldwide.
Listen to our full interview below to learn more about Nathassia, including the meal she eats every day.

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