Ted Bello and Robbie Rosen Have a “Purpose” With Their New Track


Ted Bello and Robbie Rosen Have a “Purpose” With Their New Track


Ted Bello and Robbie Rosen

Ted Bello and Robbie Rosen answered questions for our Take-5 series. In addition, the two musicians co-collaborated on the hot new track “Purpose.”

Ted Bello is a producer and musician dedicated to sharing his passion for music. The Top 10 Billboard charting artist has released two singles with The Bello Boys under Radikal Records, “It Ain’t Over” and “Last Call.” His collaboration with Rosen for the track “Purpose” is his first solo production work with Radikal.

Singer-songwriter Robbie Rosen is an international artist who boasts over 40 million streams! As a top 10 finalist for American Idol, Rosen has performed alongside artists like Shawn Mendes, Jake Miller, and Melanie Martinez.

The track “Purpose” was originally inspired by Ted’s wife, who is a fierce advocate for ending human trafficking. “I thought of her as a child going through abuse and trafficked to where she received a lifetime achievement award from the president of the United States for her work as CEO of Moretoolife.org.” Ted reached out to Robbie, who lent lyrics and his vocals to the particular song. Robbie and Ted aim to raise money for their foundation, More Too Life. Additionally, the duo has committed a percentage of all proceeds from the song to assist victims of human trafficking.

You can learn more about Ted Bello and Robbie Rosen’s inspiring goals and what’s next for them by reading the full Take-5 Interview.

Q: Before we dig in, what's next for you? (Please talk about current projects here+)

Ted – We’re raising funds for our foundation MORETOOLIFE.ORG who is committed to stopping Human Trafficking. We just got back from NYC where Robbie and I did an acoustic performance of “Purpose” at an Authentic id – A4H fundraiser for this issue. Robbie and I committed a percentage of all our proceeds from the song “Purpose” to help victims, and help stop human trafficking.

Robbie – In addition to “Purpose” I also have many more songs and features being released throughout the remainder of the year. Lots of new music on the way!

Q: Why did you choose to make dance music?

Ted – Well I’ve been a musician touring for most of my life.  When I decided to produce music I made music in pretty much every genre but what made me start producing dance was my brother who is a radio personality in NYC named Hollywood Hamilton. He asked if I’d come live in NYC with him to start a production company for dance since he was heavily involved with it. We had some top 10 hits with the name “The Bello Boys” working with artists like Kelly Rowland, KAT DELUNA, Seri etc.

Robbie – I think dance music chose me… It all started with a song I co-wrote with Lena Leon, called “Wasted Love”, and the rest is history!

Q: How important are lyrics?

Ted – Lyrics to me are everything. That’s why I’m so excited about “Purpose”. The inspiration of writing the song came to me watching me my wife pour out so much and advocating so selflessly for girls and boys that have been trafficked. I thought of her as a child going through abuse and trafficked to where she receives a lifetime achievement award from the president of the United States for her work as CEO of Moretoolife.org. I had told Robbie I wanted to write a song that talks to all of us who feel written off, hidden and  hopeless. The message is that we all have an ID in us, an inherent Purpose within us with our own special path to fulfill it. With that Robbie absolutely wrote the perfect lyrics and that my friends is “Purpose”.

Robbie – Lyrics truly can make or break a song. They are the heart and soul that really helps a song connect with the listeners – and with a song like “Purpose”, the lyrics really are everything.

Q: What do you think of Robots making music? (The digital expansion within electronic/ dance music)

Ted – Music for me comes from our very soul, the heart of a human directly from our creator. Robotic analytics is automation, programmed by humans with underlining variations but seems kind of cool.

Robbie – Definitely interesting!!

Q: What's something everyone should experience at least once?

Ted – Traveling out of your country and space, and experiencing other cultures for sure. There would be way more human growth and understanding on this planet.

Robbie – A concert with their favorite artist performing!


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Ted Bello and Robbie Rosen

Q: Do you ever sing while taking a shower or having a bath? Why is this popular? Do you sing in tune?

Ted – Without a doubt accompanied by intricate dance moves! I usually lean towards the disco era to get down though.

Robbie – Definitely, all the time 🙂

Q: What was the weirdest habit you had as a child?

Ted – I walked on my toes all the time which caused a ripple effect with my Achilles tendon and muscles to where I was in college playing baseball and had severe injuries my senior year that would end my career hopes with baseball – but It wasn’t meant to be.

Robbie – For me it was bringing a ball with me everywhere I went. Baseball = life!

Q: If you could go back in time and inspire someone to make a present-day invention, what invention would advance humanity the most?

Ted – One that would make slavery and racism have never existed. Imagine that!!

Q: Can You Dream Of Having A Dream?

Ted – Yes when you achieve something too big to accomplish and in that you have helped the whole world  realize there’s.

Robbie  – Absolutely!

Q: What double standard is ridiculous and needs to be ended? (This can be on something either in the industry or out of the industry.

Ted – Political partisanship

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