Ten Questions With “You Never Know” Artist Electric Polar Bears


Ten Questions With “You Never Know” Artist Electric Polar Bears


Known for their high-energy nights and stunning future house sound, as well as some truly remarkable collaborations with the likes of Paris Hilton and TyDi, Electric Polar Bears are the type of band who really know how to push the boat out and that’s just what fans should be expecting from their latest EP.

Described as a “heartfelt tribute to our humble beginnings”, Where We Started explores the band’s origins and the journey that brought them where they are. Drawing on the styles that inspired them most, the EP features a blend of vintage and modern techniques, giving fans a real insight into the music that shaped the duo’s sound as well as the incredible innovations they’ve brought to the table themselves.

But that’s not all they were aiming to do with this latest project. In bringing fans into their journey as creatives, Zero and Snowball – as they refer to themselves – say they’re seeking to build a closer connection with the audiences they perform to.

Featuring three incredible tracks, the EP will also help to protect Antarctic Ecosystems as the pair have committed to donating 10% of their streaming revenue for the rest of the year to the amazing charity Only.one.

With the outstanding title track already released, excitement is definitely gearing up. That’s why, here at Nexus Radio, we decided the time was right to sit down with the pair and ask them a few questions about the creative path that got them where they are today.

Q: Before we dig in, what's next for you? 

We are excited about some upcoming work with Paris Hilton again following the success of our first release with her on “Melting.” We are working on some projects there following our 3-track EP Where We Started. The EP will feature some more club-friendly records on top of the streaming-friendly Where We Started A side. This EP pays homage to the sound we’ve developed and showcases where we plan to take it in 2024. 

Q: What are your thoughts on the meaning of success, and how do you define success for yourself?

Success is waking up every day and going to do what you love to do. Success is found in the process and the beauty of growing into what you are destined to be. Last but not least success is the impact you leave on others in this world and that’s exactly the type of success we are chasing with our music project.

Q: What's the most ridiculous thing you've ever bought?

30 lasers, snow machines, and penguin suits for fans. Not to mention the pallets and pallets of confetti we import to our igloo. 

Q: What's the most memorable fan encounter you've ever had?

We played in Tel Aviv, Israel at one of our first international festivals, and seeing the fans there wearing penguin suits and dancing without a care was something we will never forget. 

Q: Where and when would you go if you could travel back in time to any moment in history?

Take us back to the glory days of mainstage big room EDM when it was on its massive rise up. 


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Electric Polar Bears

Q: If you could only listen to three songs for the rest of your life, which ones would you choose?

“Melting” with Paris Hilton, one of our upcoming collaborations with a massive global touring Artist TBA, and of course “The Hokey Pokey!”

Q: What is your philosophy on happiness, and how do you strive to maintain a sense of happiness and well-being?

We don’t get too caught up in happiness and rather focus on joy. Happiness is a result, it’s a momentary feeling, as we all go through many emotions. Joy on the other hand is a state of being and we strive to live our lives with joy by practicing gratitude and working to make impact in the lives of others.

Q: How do you see dance music evolving in the future?

We are both curious to see the rise of AI and see how creatives will work with the technology and what will come from it. The entire landscape is changing daily but regardless dance music will remain timeless with the ability to remix and sample any sound or genre.

Q: If you could switch lives with any other celebrity for a week, who would it be?

Our good friend Paris Hilton of course!

Q: What's the weirdest thing you've ever Googled?

How much does a Polar Bear weigh?

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