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Finding your path in the music world can be more complicated than it sounds, but if there’s one artist who knows all about following their creativity, it’s the New York DJ and champion of trance, Tensteps. During this year’s ADE, we sat down in the Audionamix popup studio at the Nexus Lounge, Amsterdam, to learn how something that started as a side project got to where it is today.
The first thing you need to know about Tensteps is that he has only sometimes been known for his trance music. Previously a member of the more mainstream TwoDB, he began Tensteps as a chance to produce the kinds of music he wouldn’t have been able to under that brand.

"We never really touched on trance, but trance was the genre that got me into dance music in the first place, so I needed an outlet for that."

As his solo sound evolved, he’s allowed himself to branch out in the genre. So these days, while trance is still very much the base of the Tensteps sound, he’s also incorporated progressive house, melodic base, and even touches of rock. Suffice it to say that this makes for a fascinating musical mix and is precisely the kind of boundary-pushing music many EDM fans are clamoring for.
Transitioning away from an already successful project is a serious risk, and it’s more than a little inspiring to see Tensteps following his passion. In his own words, “it’s been crazy the last three years, watching this turn from a side-project into a real thing.” But, of course, we’re all glad he chose to make that choice because it means we get to enjoy the incredible music he’s putting out right now.
Well, in the short time since we spoke at ADE, he’s got two incredible remixes out – Nash’s “Sometimes” and a stunning take on Jeffery Sutorius’ iconic track “Kings.”
Speaking of ADE, like many artists this year, Tensteps talked about just how nice it is to be back together with the industry.

"ADE has been incredible! Not only do I get to see many people I don't see very often, but I also meet a ton of new people!"

To learn more about Tensteps, his creative process, and what it’s like to break out from an established act, check out the full, exclusive Nexus Radio interview below.

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