♫Tequila, Cigarettes and a Little bit of Weed : Loud Luxury♫

Joe and Andrew from Loud Luxury join us for the Nexus Radio Lounge presented by BPM Supreme® and Big Joe® for Miami Music Week 2018.

The Canadian DJ/producer duo discuss their unexpected dance hit Body, their first original song

“We knew it was very special from the start, we all had warm fuzzy feelings about it but the progress since then, we didn’t understand it’d be like that. We never made it with the intention to make it into a cross over hit. For us, we were really excited to release the song and it could have done ten plays and we still would have been proud of that song.”

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We love their recipe for staying physically and emotionally fit: A lot of pressed juice, ginger shots and sleep whenever possible. One thing we know for sure, we’re going to need a lot of ginger shots to recover from the whiff of  the Loud Luxury signature cologne which consists of a mixture of “Tequila, Cigarettes and a little bit of weed.”

Listen to the complete interview below↓

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