Terri B!: Avicii was a producer, pure and simple

Singer, songwriter, producer, and DJ, Terri B! Joined us for a chat during the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam during ADE, to talk about a new Disco House collaboration with Olwik; her history with the Trance group Futurebreeze; the success of her 2017 hit Been a Long Time; what led her to work with Ash, Avicii and Cazzette:

“When I first started, I was in the University in Florida. I was into country, I was into Depeche Mode, New Order, Information Society, Pet Shop Boys, that was the beginning for me (knowing) I was different. Then I had a voice like Tracy Chapman, so I knew I wasn’t going to sing the normal R&B stuff. Even with the Cazzette track, that was a country song at first with the banjo, then Ash heard it and then he turned it into the Cazzette magic.“

also opened up about Avicii’s passing:

“Avicii was one of my most cherished, because he did two remixes for me, which is not something you normally do for other people. He was a producer, pure and simple, and as much as people want to talk about why this or that…there is no why. It was a great team. They did magic and it is what it is, but he’s very much missed. I think of him. I did not forget about him since he died. I think about him often. He was way too young. He put his imprint on the industry.“

Terri had us at peak fascination with her responses to our ridiculous Take5 questions, and she did not mince her words when we asked her which celebrity she would take with her on a one-way ticket to Mars:

“I would take Kanye West, because I need to talk to that dude. I need to talk to him, and I’m not sure that I’ll get through, but I would love to talk to him.”

Listen to the full audio interview below!


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