The Bassjackers: Consistency is Key.

Dutch Electronic music production duo The Bassjackers stopped by the Nexus Radio Lounge Miami during Miami Music Week 2019 to discuss their latest projects which included a new album slated for this upcoming September, their favorite Spice Girl (because why not?), their guilty pleasure food and much more!

New Music & Album

The Bassjackers have so music in the works, that one of the Bassjackers had to stay behind to wrap-up songs for their upcoming studio album. “Usually he is present at Miami Music Week, but he was just to be busy finishing up a lot of music,” responded Marlon Flohr when asked about his colleague’s whereabouts.

Rons: That makes so much sense because you put out like three tracks a month? Or two tracks a month? 

Bassjackers: We do a lot of music actually, at least one thing a month. We have an album in the workings, which we aim to release in September. 

Rons: Wow! That’s actually pretty radical because most artists don’t do albums right now. What inspired you to do that? 

Bassjackers: Yeah, I mean we just had so much music ready. They’re like, how are we ever going to release all of this? And then we decided to do an album and not an album where you do like a bunch of radio songs. It’s going to be a full-on big room banger album, a big room listening experience. That’s, that’s what we’re aiming for.


One thing we like about The Bassjackers is their consistency with everything. The “Flip The Beat” song producers do not like following the the latest pop or EDM trends and this is something we can expect in their music as well as in their shows. 

Rons: So, you’re playing lots of festivals, lots of club dates. Do you hear the music changing right now or where do you hear the music going? 

Bassjackers: I mean the music is always changing. We just try to kind of like stick with what we do. Like, we love what we do. Of course, it’s evolving, and you see the whole climate around changes a lot. But we specifically try to keep [doing] what we do. And if people at some point don’t like it anymore, then well- too bad, too bad for us (as well).But we just do what we do, and it evolves but we just do our high energy Bassjackers thing. That’s just what we love most, and we will keep doing that.

Staying Healthy While On Tour.

The Bassjackers expressed that consistency is their key to their success, but it’s not limited to just music. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is part of the duo’s healthy touring regimen. That includes eating healthy, sleeping well, limiting their alcohol intake and a thirty minute “bodyweight” workout every single day. 

Rons: With all your touring and all the work you’re doing, how do you maintain such a fitness level with your insane touring schedule? 

Bassjackers: It took awhile for me to figure it out. I think at the end it’s about creating balance. At first when you just start touring, it’s easy to get sucked up into the party life and bad food. And it just takes some discipline to say no sometimes to things, you don’t always have to drink alcohol at every show. I used to do that but not anymore. 

So, I try to drink less. I try to fit in quick workouts in between travel and shows and yeah, just watching your food, try to get some rest when you can.Yeah, finding that balance is important and the way that I work out […] I can do it anywhere. It’s just “bodyweight workouts.” I’ve really made myself an expert in the bodyweight workouts, so I don’t need a gym. I don’t need a lot of time, but I get it done every day, at least 30 minutes. I think consistency [is] the key. 

If you can consistently eat healthy, not drink too much and get your rest and your workouts in, then you’ll be fine. It’s just difficult to fit that discipline in your schedule.Cause I know it’s easy to party like, oh yes! let’s party or let’s eat five burgers and let’s not work out. But if you want to do this touring on a high-level for a long time, you need to make sure you stay in shape, at least a little bit.

To learn more about the Bassjackers including who their favorite spice girl is, their favorite emoji, the oddest thing they would add to their artist rider and much more. Listen to the full interview below!

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