The Creativity Is Back: Moksi Talks ADE & House Music Inspiration 

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Joining us in the Lee Jeans pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam, we spoke with Moksi about modern house music, his latest release, and the benefits of digital streaming platforms.

A Dutch DJ with a striking sound, Moksi has been dropping definitive dancefloor tunes for the best part of a decade. With a signature style and a growing audience of fans, now is the perfect time for his debut album.


House to its core, Moksi Crew brings twelve tracks of stunning dance music, showcasing the fantastic talent that’s made him such a hit at events like the Amsterdam Dance Event. Speaking of ADE, like many a Dutch artist, Moksi has a long history with the popular dance music festival/conference going almost back to its inception.

“I love to see how it evolved over the years. It started pretty small, and now it’s a big happening.”

Not that Moksi takes the usual approach to ADE. Most artists who attend the event have their schedules planned out well in advance, but not Moksi. For his Moksi and friends’ live show, which he hosts every year, he likes to keep things a little closer and intimate. There’s no announcement, no production, and no official lineup, so the audience gets a surprise on the night.

While he’s mainly focusing on the album for now, Moksi teased a handful of releases down the line, most notably on Stmpd and Insomniac Records.

“I feel like house music right now is in a cool spot because people are trying to take some risks. You don’t expect some of the artists' releases, and I really think that’s very exciting. The creativity is back.”

Of course, when it comes to creativity, it all starts with that crucial spark of inspiration, and the greatest inspiration comes from the artists we look up to. For Moksi, one of those artists is music production legend Quincy Jones. “I would ask him to listen to my music,” says Moksi, “and to be brutally honest about his thoughts.”

Now, every artist takes inspiration from all kinds of sources, but while Moksi says his music taste has changed over time, he always finds himself drawn back to house music at the core. It seems he’s found his calling because his latest album, Moksi Crew, is spectacular house music.

If you’d like to learn more about Moksi, his latest album, and his thoughts on digital music downloads and how they’ve affected the industry, then listen to the exclusive Nexus Radio interview.

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