Join the darkness revolution with Majesty


Join the darkness revolution with Majesty

The title of her new EP says it all “Welcome to the Dark Side,” her break-out single “Living In The Moonlight” verifies it;  she’s the royal queen of darkness and is her name.

“Have you ever felt the darkness, rushing through you like a storm?” brings a refreshing twist to music in a time of happy-go-lucky EDM. DJ Lynwood’s stellar of  “Living in the Moonlight” perfectly embodies the darkness of our human reality.

While in her music video for Living In The Moonlight, appears to be a legit vampire queen. Majesty the person, a self-described “Backstreet girl” and “ geek at heart” is a bit more balanced in real life. Or is she?

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What is your latest project?

Absolutely! “Living in the Moonlight,” is the first single off my upcoming debut EP “Welcome to the Dark Side” which will be out very soon, it was remixed by DJ Lynn Wood and hit 40 in the US and UK!

Cocktails, Tea or Coffee?

Champagne dahhling! I drink coffee, tea is only when I’m singing. It has to be brut tho!

Who was your childhood crush?

I was a Backstreet Girl, AJ was my crush. What is it about those bad boys…ha!

If you had a time machine, which decade would you go back to?.

The 1940’s for sure. I’ve always been obsessed with that time period. The music, the movies, the fashion. Not to mention Judy Garland has been my idol since I can remember. Seeing her in concert would be the first place I’d hit.

Disney, Vegas or Paris?

Those three options are my absolute favorite places! But I’m a geek at heart, that’s my happy place, so it will always choose Disney first!

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