The Epic German Love Parade Returns In 2022


The Epic German Love Parade Returns In 2022

After just a little over a decade, the German Love Parade will be returning in 2022. It had been set to return this year, but COVID-19 forced the organizers of the parade to postpone it. However, the parade will not be the same as it was in the years past, as the new organizers behind it, Rave the Planet, will be introducing it with a new format.

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Rave the Planet is still collecting donations to help bring the parade back and has already managed to raise over €400,000. This shows just how many people can not wait to see this music festival return. Music lovers all around the world are showing their support of the German Love Parade, and hopefully, it shall return in 2022.

They are dedicated to the protection, promotion, and development of electronic music culture, and the Love Parade is an important part of that culture. Rave the Planet hopes to re-establish the annual parade but bring in a level of modernism and progression that has existed within the 21st century since the last parade.

The parade has always been a dedication to the thrills and beat of techno music, and music lovers all around the globe are looking forward to the return of this parade. Even though the music lovers will have to wait a year for this event to occur, it will be well worth the wait once the parade is finally back in full swing. If things go well at this one, then music fans all over can expect Rave the Planet to keep bringing it back as an annual parade once again.

The new parade will be taking place in Berlin, Germany, and may eventually move to other cities again like the previous parades used to. The parade date has been set for July 9th, 2022, but may be forced to be pushed back if COVID-19 is still raging throughout the world at that time.

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Berlin’s Love Parade first occurred in 1989 and had a glorious history of exciting music lovers worldwide for the next several decades. It was one of the biggest music-themed parades for a person to go to in Europe and thus managed to do very well. Fans of techno music would travel from all over to come to the acclaimed parade and spend the day in the midst of other techno music lovers.

However, Berlin’s Love Parade has gone down in history after a tragedy that struck at the last parade in 2010. Twenty-one people were killed, and another 500 were injured from the stampedes that ensued afterward. Since then, the parade has been closed down as no one wanted to reopen a parade with such a dark history.

For more information on the Love Parade, visit Rave the Planet

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