The HIM have Nothing On Us!

DJ and music producing duo, Jay and Steven from The HIM stopped by the  Lounge during ADE, for a follow-up chat since their show in Chicago.

The guys were impressed with our catered Bitterballen or “Bitter balls” and our themed setup during , but the pair called us out on our ridiculous Take 5 questions, which in their defense are questions that are meant to get to know them better.

“It’s so funny with these interviews, you say ‘these are really short, fun questions,’ but they’re actually so hard!”


And just like that, we were busted! But at least  didn’t end up like Lady Gaga, who was recently caught giving out the same interview answers over and over again. In the end, the guys pulled through and they shared some laughs with us.

Get to know the rising duo The HIM, listen to the full audio interview below!

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