The Infectious Power of Cascada – Everytime We Touch


The Infectious Power of Cascada – Everytime We Touch

The noughties were a fantastic time for EDM. They were the decade when Eurodance went mainstream, and techno became it’s own. They were the decade where the club sound was all around, and great new DJs and artists were springing up all over the place. They were the decade that brought us amazing artists like Armin van Buuren, Swedish House Mafia, and of course – the artist behind this week’s flashback track – Cascada.

Everytime We Touch

Who Is Cascada?

From their performances and promotional material, you could easily be forgiven for thinking Cascada was one person, but it’s the brain-child of three outstanding artists.

Although singer Natalie Horler has always been the face of the band, their music is very much a collaboration between Horler, DJ Manian, and DJ Yanou.

In 2004, not long after the meeting, the band began releasing music under various names, including Phalanx, Scarf!, 3XM, and Siria, but ultimately settled on Cascade. That was all well and good until Kaskade (An American DJ) threatened to take legal action, eventually forcing them to change their name to Cascada.

Over the years, their joint work brought us hits like “What Hurts the Most,” “Evacuate the Dancefloor,” and “Miracle” – popular tracks with an upbeat dance sound. But, of course, none of these songs could compare with the ongoing success of their break-out hit.

Everytime We Touch

Released as the band’s second American single, “Everytime We Touch” is a partial remix of Scottish Artist Maggie Reilly’s 1992 hit of the same name. The two songs share a chorus, though the Cascada version is significantly faster, and the rest of the song is their original work. As a fan of the music, it’s well worth listening to both tracks for comparison to see how small style changes can completely alter the sound of the chorus.

The track was an almost overnight success, and Cascada moved quickly to release its debut album. The album (called Everytime We Touch) was a mixed success, with the title track being the most popular.

The Music Video

As the song kept growing in popularity, the band decided to release a music video, and it’s this video that captures just how infectious the song’s upbeat energy is.

Horner – dancing with skill and dressed to kill – catwalks her way through a library, bringing life and energy with every step. Before long, heads are turning, and everybody from the straight-laced students to the over-worked janitor is hitting the dance floor and having the time of their life.

That’s the effect this song has on people. Like all the best EDM tracks, just a few bars have you wanting to jump out of your seat and dance.

Chart Success and Legacy

Unsurprisingly, “Everytime We Touch” was a significant chart success, ultimately spending an incredible thirty-one weeks on the Billboard Hot 100. It launched Cascada’s career, and to this day, it is still one of the most popular EDM tracks of the noughties. Since then, Cascada has released three more albums, been on tour six times, and made a name for themselves as one of the defining sounds of their era.

Looking back on their most successful song, it’s easy to see the influence tracks like “Everytime We Touch” had on the genre of modern EDM. The combination of American influences with a classic Eurodance sound feels distinct ahead of time. So it’s no wonder that we’re still in love with this iconic track all these years later.

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