The Inimitable Sound of Kice – Take5


The Inimitable Sound of Kice – Take5



For Jordanian-American DJ Kice, music is everything. As with many artists, he learned music from a young age, and it’s that passion that’s carried him through into the carrier he has today. After breaking out into the DJ space in 2007 at Sound-Bar Nightclub, Kice has spent the last fifteen years building up a worldwide audience of fans who simply can’t get enough of his unique blend of genres.

But what makes Kice different from other DJs?

If there’s one thing you should know about seeing Kice live on stage, he’s a real crowd-hyper of an artist. He brings all kinds of other artists together during his performances, creating a space on stage where their styles can significantly complement each other. Furthermore, his music often delves into that hybrid space between genres creating something that feels genuinely original within the modern EDM scene.

He also founded a music marketing and consultation service named Treblemonsters, helping to find incredible talent, build connections within the industry, and bring incredible new sounds to American venues.

Both on and off the stage, he works tirelessly to help share the universal language that is music.

Of course, the last few years have been difficult for everyone, but Kice managed to take an important lesson from the pandemic, and now he’s working hard on his next upcoming release. You can learn all about that lesson and what to expect from his next release in this Nexus Radio Take 5 Interview.

Q: Before we dig in, what's next for you?

Finishing up a middle eastern infused deep house EP, hoping by the end of year!

Q: What does music mean to you?

Music is a self-calibration tool. It expresses what cannot be said and yet is the world’s universal language.

Q: Is there a song that makes you emotional?

Somebody To Love (Voost Remix)

Q: How important are lyrics?

Overall, I think lyrics are a great way to deliver a story in a song. A story, however, can be delivered without lyrics.

Q: Which musical era would you visit if you could travel back in time?

The Studio 54 era


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Q: Who was your role model while growing up?


Q: What makes you feel unstoppable?

When the staff and talent send the weekly reports, every one of them is a 10/10!

Q: The pandemic has been bad for many people, but there is a silver lining in everything: How has the pandemic improved your life?

It made me realize that we are here to stay. Therefore, I pursued music production and DJing a lot more consistently than I ever have before.

Q: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?

How thick is your tongue?

Q: Finally, the most profound question: You're stuck on an island with three celebrities: Pick a person to kiss, marry and vote off the island.

Kiss: Scarlett Johansson. Marry: Jennifer Lawrence. Vote off the island: Steve Aoki.

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