The Magician: Just Make Love

Belgian-based DJ, producer, The Magician, took a break from his busy studio schedule to chat with us in the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam during ADE. The Magician, whose real name is Stephen Fasano stopped in to tell us about everything he’s been working on, and to answer our “Take 5” questions.

I’m really busy [producing] new stuff, producing new music, so that’s why I’m staying only one day for ADE. I have a couple of sessions with writers [at the] end of this week.”

The Magician has produced and remixed some of our favorite house music anthems of the modern house movement era. For that reason it was distressing for us to learn the “Sunlight,” and “SHY” song producer had serious regrets about collaborating with one person in particular.

It was just a collaboration with a certain person…because It’s just not just about ideas, it’s also about the personality and it was just really hard, and psychologically really hard to live…and when that was over it was really difficult to move on from it.”

However, there is one thing this French-speaking, half Belgian, half Italian would not pass up under any circumstances is eating pasta!

“I’m half Italian so I like to cook pasta. If I’m eating out, I like to start with a fish then pasta! pasta!”

The Magician

Spoken eloquently like a true hopeless romantic, The Magician shared a few heartwarming words for the world to live by “Just make love.”

Listen to our exclusive audio interview with The Magician below!