The Mind-Blowing Music of ManyFew – A Nexus Radio Interview

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Unfortunately, the outstanding musical duo ManyFew couldn’t make it to Miami Music Week this year. However, they still found the time to call in for an interview, which is how we got to speak with them at the BPM Supreme popup studio at the Nexus Lounge.
ManyFew has been putting out music since 2017, and in a few short years, they’ve skyrocketed to success with great tracks like “Where to Go,” “Still in Love,” and “Feel Good.” Last year they passed a million monthly listeners on Spotify, and there’s no telling where they’ll be one year from now.
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What we do know, however, is that while they couldn’t make it to Miami Music Week, that doesn’t mean they weren’t hard at work. Right now, they’re playing their way across Europe. They’ve just played a gig at the Ministry of Sound in London, do a set for a Radio Station in Paris, and the rest of the time, either they’re back in the studio working on new music or crafting fresh beats out on the road.
They’ve got songs coming out on various record labels in the next few months, including the iconic Musical Freedom. Suffice it to say that there’ll be no shortage of ManyFew soon.
Getting record deals and producing hit songs doesn’t come out anywhere, and while there’s no one answer to crafting a chart-topping track ManyFew did have some excellent advice for those looking to become artists.
They said it’s good to have “a catchy melody, and a strong middle eight” and that, particularly if you’re looking at making a pop track, lyrics are crucial. They also said they’d had to learn some hard lessons on their path to success, the most important was to be open to learning new stuff.

“I mean, we thought it was a little easier,” they said, “but it’s a science, and you learn new stuff every day.”

Hard work comes with a reward, and they also stressed the importance of enjoying the moment: “Take more time to enjoy success… Enjoy every single moment more instead of putting pressure on yourself.”
While they couldn’t make it to this year’s Music Week, ManyFew will undoubtedly be back next year to join in with the fun. Until then, fans will have to listen to all the great new music they’ll be putting out and look forward to more fantastic gigs in the months and years to come.
To learn more about ManyFew, their upcoming gigs, and their favorite accents to listen to, then go ahead and check out the full, exclusive Nexus Radio Interview.

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