The Night Club Of The Future: How Scotland’s Energy Saving Club Will Keep The Party Going


The Night Club Of The Future: How Scotland’s Energy Saving Club Will Keep The Party Going

If there’s one fight we should all be on board with, it’s the fight to combat climate change. At least, that’s what we believe here at Nexus Radio, and it’s a belief we share with the fantastic Scottish company Body Heat.

As one of the world’s leading proponents of low-emission technologies, Scotland has long been home to environmental innovation. Now, through a combination of modern engineering and innovative architecture, Body Heat has developed unique environmental technology that can save clubs a lot of money on their energy bills. And, of course, we all know that less energy means less burning of fossil fuels and fewer greenhouse gasses.3

But how exactly does this new system work?


From Body Heat To Thermal Energy

At its core, the concept is quite simple. When people dance, they get hot. In other words, their bodies burn many calories to generate vast amounts of thermal energy. But where does that energy go?
This is where SWG3 – the first club to implement Body Heat’s unique technology – will differ from a traditional club setup. Most clubs have to pay lots of money for expensive air conditioning to keep the building at an ideal temperature, but SWG3 will use heat pump technology to store people’s heat for future usage.

The Power Of Heat Pumps

The heat pumps will transfer thermal energy from the club into a series of large, underground boreholes, which will be used to store the energy for future usage. By using the ground for insulation, the boreholes will be able to store large amounts of heat to be reused at a later date.

Heat pumps are a fantastic modern technology designed to balance the temperature of an indoor area using minimal energy. On their own, they can do a lot to improve the energy efficiency of any given building. Still, working in tandem with a regular source of heat and a functional storage solution, they have the potential to change our energy needs completely.

Will This Be The Future Of Clubbing?

As we move into what we all hope will be a more eco-friendly age, every industry is looking for ways to modernize. While not every club can adopt this technology due to its specific architectural requirements, if SWG3 is a success, then there’s no reason to believe that other clubs won’t follow suit.

And, of course, there’s also no reason to think this technology would be exclusive to clubs. While no current official plans exist to expand this technology outside the club scene, other large indoor spaces, such as malls and cinemas, could benefit to some extent from similar technologies. That being said, given the emphasis on dancing, clubs are the perfect niche to put these ideas into practice, and it seems pretty likely that future clubs will follow suit in some way or another.

Body Heat is a new development on pre-existing technologies. In the coming years, we’re likely to see new buildings with better insulation, more use of heat pumps in general, and a variety of other energy-saving solutions.

But will Body Heat’s unique combination of technologies catch on?

The truth is, only time will tell. While we have high hopes for this technology, it’s still too soon to know whether it is profitable and feasible to apply on a wider scale. What we can know, however, is that exciting new projects like this are an important step in the direction of a more green, more eco-friendly music industry.

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