The Perfect DJ-and-Producer Duo: Modskull Easily Dominates the EDM Scene

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Talented Italian duo Modskull joins us at the Audionamix pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. The two talk about their experience in ADE and their latest projects and participate in our Take 5 series!
Finding musicians who know how to make excellent and appealing sounds may prove challenging, given the industry’s rapid growth in the number of DJs and producers. However, that is not the case with Modskull; a duo made up of Michael and Diego. A DJ and a producer founded the ideal music pairing known as ModSkull, and they have a track record of producing hits incredibly well-liked by electronic dance music fans.
Enforcing their distinctive sound all throughout, the rapidly soaring duo is more than ready to take over our scene, and each new release only highlights their unquestionable musical talent. The two recently disclosed that they are working on a project but withheld other specific details. “We wanna go Gold records with this. So, it’s more like clubby music, but at the same time, to make a comparison, like a loop of Martin Garrix. It’s the same style.”
Having won support from some of the most prominent players in our community and releasing their tracks on well-known record labels, Modskull reshapes electronic music with each of their compositions. Their versatility is further illustrated by their ability to produce tracks of various genres, such as trap to electro, bass house to pure festival hit songs.
Despite having a hard time expressing themselves, the duo is undoubtedly hilarious. For example, when asked what’s the worst decision they’ve made in the last 24 hours, one answered, “I think it’s trying to eat. I bought pizza in the fridge, and I don’t like it. I was feeling bad by midnight,” and then the other chimed in, “the pizza is one of the baddest things you can eat.”
To learn more about Modskull, including the three Djs they would rank at the top of the DJ Mag, listen to our full interview below!

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