The Perfect EDM Masterclass: Finding the Course That’s Right For You


The Perfect EDM Masterclass: Finding the Course That’s Right For You

They say it takes 10’000 hours to master a skill, but is that true? Today we want to examine some online courses that challenge that idea by breaking down the complexities of EDM productions into an accessible format. But do they work? And if so, which courses are best suited to your learning style? So let’s take a closer look at these masterclasses, sorting the facts from the sales pitches to help you determine which is the right course for you.
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The Price of Entry

The first thing to know about masterclasses is that they vary both in price and monetization strategy. For example, if you want to buy the Logic X Pro “Music + Audio Production – Complete Guide, it’ll cost you one upfront fee of $73 for full lifetime access. The Cinematic Music with Tesseract 2 course from GHOSTHACK, on the other hand, retails for $105

That’s quite a price difference, and while you are ultimately paying for different courses of different lengths, it demonstrates just how expensive education of this sort can be. Alternatively, some sites (such as masterclass) work on a subscription model, which can be cheaper in the short term if you’re only looking for one or two classes.
That being said there are some even more affordable options. So if you’re looking to learn Music Production on a budget, then YouTube is your friend.
It should come as no surprise to anybody to learn that the world’s most popular video-sharing platform has some fantastic educational content. In addition, channels like Sonic Academy or Mix with the Masters are great for more targeted, subject-specific tutorials. Alternatively, for that true masterclass feeling, you should check out the JBL Masterclass taught by industry expert Jauz.

Beginner or Intermediate?

While all these courses market themselves as masterclasses, some expect a different skill level than others. Some will aim to take a beginner and transform them into an expert, while others demand a certain skill level.
Our advice is always to be careful about what you’re getting into. If the website doesn’t advertise an experience level, then be sure to check out the customer reviews to see if the course you’re looking at is a good fit for you.

A Trusted Teacher

You must trust the person giving the course. There are plenty of great classes from lesser-known artists and behind-the-scenes specialists, but there is also something to be said for a famous face. Whether it’s Nicky Romero or Armen Van Buuren, it’s hard to deny that a recognizable artist goes a long way towards establishing legitimacy.
An artist can also tell you much more about the kind of music the course aims to teach. For example, it’s all well and good to say ‘EDM,’ but that’s a considerable genre encompassing many different styles of electronic music. A recognizable artist is also a brand, and brands are designed to communicate what they’re all about. If you already know the teacher, you’ll have a better idea of what it is you’re getting into.

There’s No Right Way To Learn

The last thing we want to say is that there is no one approach to becoming an artist. Masterclasses are a great way to find the information, but the heavy lifting still comes from you.
That’s why, however you choose to set out on your EDM journey, we want to wish you the best of luck. Whether you’re a beginner picking up music production for the first time, or a life-long enthusiast looking to expand your skills, we hope you find an approach that works for you.

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