The Radical Remixes of Dark Intensity – A Nexus Radio Interview

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Dark Intensity is a regular at Miami Music Week, and this year we sat down with him at the Sennheiser popup studio in the Nexus Radio Lounge Miami.
Remixes are a staple of the modern EDM genre. They give artists a chance to take old beats and make something new, and few people know that better than Manny Martinez, known to fans by his stage-name Dark Intensity.
Dark Intensity

Dark Intensity takes inspiration from all over the shop to create the kind of hits that will play in every club. He’s been on billboard charts and won awards for his work, and he’s not afraid to share the truth about his process.

For Dark Intensity, it’s all about the way a track stays with you. He wants to create music that people want to go back to with a catchy sound and nice vocals. In his own words:

“I think one of the major elements is if you hear a track for the first couple of times, that it sticks to your brain and your mind, and then you’re humming it later. The other component, or element, would be just having a nice vocal stand out in the music.”

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Speaking of the pandemic, he also talked about his bad experience with COVID-19.
“I got sick with COVID,” he said. “I got sick for like three months there. I had to be on oxygen. It was pretty bad.” He said he regretted not wearing a mask but that he’s still here and is feeling better now.

It seems like he’s back to total health because he’s been hard at work, and he’s just dropped a 28-track whopper of an album. Side Effect came out on the 25th of March and featured some great tracks like “Smooth Operator,” “Make You Mine,” and “How We Feel .”In just a few weeks, it’s already had tens of thousands of listens on Spotify. So, if you feel like checking out the sound of Dark Intensity, then why not give it a listen?

On the other hand, if you’d like to learn more about the man himself, his favorite headphones, and why you should always be careful in sword fights with children, listen to the full, exclusive Nexus Radio Interview.


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