The Return Of Gouryella: Ferry Corsten ADE16

sat down with Radio the very next morning after his epic party,  he was still reeling over his sold-out show. But it shouldn’t come as any surprise that his Luminosity & Flashover Recordings event was one the most actively tweeted events of the week either. He is a legend and his event attracted other trance legends. He also had an amazing year on Radio, where his track Heart’s Beating Faster nabbed the number one spot on the Top 100 tracks of 2016.

Ferry confessed to using all tools necessary for his musical productions. For example, his recent collaboration “Event Horizon” with Cosmic Gate was done almost exclusively using the cloud service Dropbox, and the VoIP service Whats app.  He says that working remotely can sometimes be a “plus” because it gives him the ability to focus more on the project without human interruptions.

The Gouryella Project

We dove a little bit into the Gouryella Project, which he credits social media for bringing it back. Gouryella is the alias and used to co-produce back in 1999. Although Tiesto is no longer a part of it, Ferry has brought it back to life after the project was dormant for more than a decade.

tells that his Gouryella project is committing to releasing one new song per year, as he has been doing since the official comeback in 2015.

They released Anehara in 2015, Neba in 2016, and we are expecting another release in 2017.

Ferry Corsten’s own Hello World EP also received lots of praise. We like the idea of seeing three to four releases every few months rather than waiting an entire year for a whole album.

Ferry tells his fans to hold on to our seats because 2017 is going to be big!

Listen to hear about his hilarious encounters in Asia ↓

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