The Ultimate Guide to Primavera Sound


The Ultimate Guide to Primavera Sound

We like to think of Primavera Sound as the ultimate music-lovers festival, and with good reason. Time and time again, artists across every genre—but especially dance music—have shown their appreciation for everything this festival has built in its 22 editions by returning to Primavera and offering something different and unexpected to their legions of fans.

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Primavera Sound 2024 was my third year in a row attending this festival, and I’m here to share some of the wisdom I’ve learned from my short but incredibly memorable time catching performances from the world’s biggest artists across the Primavera Sound festival grounds at Barcelona’s Parc del Forum.

So, keep reading to discover my Ultimate Guide to Primavera Sound:

Your First Primavera: What You Need To Know

Attending your first Primavera Sound is all about planning and getting comfortable with the festival format and layout. The Barcelona lineup is typically announced in November and December, with tickets going on sale within a week of the announcement. There are also sister editions of the festival in Porto (also summer) and South America (winter).

Make sure to book your passes as soon as possible, as Primavera operates with a tiered system, which means the earliest buyers get the best prices. Once you’ve booked your passes, book your accommodation. Late spring and early summer are busy tourism seasons in Spain, and this, in addition to festival goers (or, in the case of 2025, Formula 1 attendees), will make booking accommodation a priority.

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Navigating Parc Del Forum and Other Primavera Venues

Parc del Fòrum, located on the beaches of the Mediterranean, is the primary venue for Primavera Sound Barcelona and is easily accessible by transit—be it streetcar, subway, bus or taxi. It’s a secluded area that is removed enough from the city to offer a bit of escape while still being connected enough to the city to offer some opportunity to visit Barcelona as a tourist.

There are over a dozen stages spread across the Parc del Forum grounds, including two mainstages, a few mid-sized stages, an indoor club, an indoor auditorium and several intimate performance spaces. Some stages—like Boiler Room x CUPRA, a festival favourite that returned for a third time this year—are specifically designated for dance music, while others will host a range of performers from a variety of genres.

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The best way to familiarize yourself with the layout before the festival is to attend the Free Access Day on the day before the official Primavera Sound Festival begins. Here, you can take a walk through the festival grounds and take note of the stage names, bathrooms, bar and food areas, and the merch tents.

A Few More Tips

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro at festivals like Primavera Sound, here are some valuable pointers to ensure your experience is seamless:

  • Bring a refillable water bottle (sans cap): Staying hydrated is crucial during a weekend of dancing in the hot sun. Remember to dispose of the cap, as only open bottles are permitted inside the venue. Refill stations are conveniently scattered around the festival grounds.
  • Stay tuned for hidden musical gems: Some of the best finds at Primavera Sound come from fellow festival-goers. Strike up conversations and ask about their must-see acts for a chance to discover new music.
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  • Experience the night to its fullest: Unlike many festivals, Primavera Sound’s concerts continue until the early hours. Make it a point to stay until dawn at least once during the three-day event. There’s an unmatched thrill in dancing until sunrise with friends.
  • Grab merch early: If you’re eyeing merchandise from your favorite artists, head straight to the merch tent on the first day. Limited quantities are often available, especially for acts on smaller stages. Don’t miss out on snagging your desired items before they’re gone.
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  • Join the post-festival brunch: Despite its name, the Sunday event following Primavera Sound isn’t your typical brunch affair. Instead, it offers a lineup of top DJs, dedicated techno enthusiasts, and a chance to unwind after a weekend of excitement. Tickets can usually be booked through the AccessTicket app, with free entry for Weekend Pass holders.
  • Check out the city: In addition to its regular programming, Primavera also offers intimate shows throughout Barcelona, at iconic club venues like Razzmatazz and Apolo. These usually take place in the week leading up to the official Primavera weekend and are a great option to see some of your favorite artists in a different setting.
  • Don’t forget to chill out: It’s easy to get caught up in the weekend’s whirlwind and forget to relax a little. Some of my favorite memories at Primavera are checking out their art installations with new friends or simply hanging out between sets on the water and sharing a cigarette.
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Did you make it out to Barcelona this year for Primavera Sound 2024? Have you been in previous years? We’re interested in hearing about your experiences. Share your favorite stories with us on Instagram @nexusradiodance and make sure to follow us for more exclusive coverage of the world’s best dance festivals.

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