The Unforgettable Sound of CADE – A Nexus Radio Interview

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This year’s Music Week saw Miami filled with the best of the modern scene, and we had the chance to talk with the unforgettable at the Sennheiser pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge Miami.

How to describe CADE?
Larson is a young artist on a big stage, making the kind of music we all love to hear. His sound brings together classic R&B with a more modern twist.

Born in Tampa, Florida, he began releasing music at just 20 years old, and ever since his debut EP Care; he’s been rising through the scene. With 2,759,001 monthly Spotify listeners, it’s fair to say he has some serious international appeal.
Now he’s working hard on his first album, and, by its sound, he’s not afraid to delve into some more personal topics in his music. The album, Watching you Cry (coming out in May with Ultra Records), is based on his experience of going through a break-up after a three-year relationship. He says it’s exciting, not just because it’s his first album but also his first project that’s entirely self-written. He says the songs are about a little different, but overall, they chart the story of both the relationship’s problems and his experience of getting over it.
might be a young artist, but he’s learned a lot in a short time and, when it comes to making a hit, certainly knows his stuff. For him, it’s all about capturing a feeling–” magical”, as he puts it–and getting that feeling across to the listener.
He also stresses the importance of good lyrics:

"When you think about the entire world, and the language of music, and how universal it is, obviously everyone wants to hear that they can connect to any pull from or make it feel like it tells their own story. So I think a lot of times it's crucial."

Of course, learning to write hit songs doesn’t happen overnight, and there are always a fair few lessons along the way. When asked if there was anything he wished he’d done differently, CADE said he wished he had focused more on his craft and ought to have foreseen the importance of TikTok.

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Until then, if you want to know more about CADE, his music, and the process behind it, then make sure to check out the full, exclusive Interview for more details.

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