The Who’s Who of Win and Woo: a Talk with the Outstanding Chicago based Double-Act


The Who’s Who of Win and Woo: a Talk with the Outstanding Chicago based Double-Act

Today, we’re back at theROOF at theWIT in Chicago during the Nexus Lounge Virtual to chat with the up-and-coming Chicago-based duo Win and Woo.

Just who are Win and Woo? It turns out that’s a question Nick Winholt and Austin Woo are used to answering, but perhaps not for much longer. With tracks like “Recognize” and “Chicago” receiving millions of plays, these two are positively bursting onto the circuit.
Of course, there’s never been a stranger time to be breaking into the music industry. It’s been almost two years now since live events could be held, but that’s not stopped artists like these two from embracing the variety of innovative solutions that technology offers to the problem of staging a concert.
“I think that they’ll be a mainstay,” says Winholt when talking about the benefits of virtual events. “Maybe not as much as they were in the past year, but I think it’s a great thing for people who can’t make it to certain events or, for some reason, have to stay at home.” While there are pros and cons to virtual concerts, it’s nice to see at least one artist looking on the positive side and appreciating the extra inclusivity these kinds of events offer.
Win and Woo
Celebrity is always something of a mixed bag, but, by the sounds of it, Win and Woo have seen something of the positive side of the public eye:

"Anytime a fan reaches out to us and says that our music helps them or changed their life in some way, that's the best compliment that we've ever got. So if you have a couple of people that constantly hit us up and say our music helps them through stuff or that they connect on a deep level with one of our songs, then I think that's the best compliment that you could get."

The duo is currently releasing their debut album, but that’s not to say their partnership is a recent one. The album is called 10 Years which is precisely the length of time the two have worked together. A working relationship, not to mention a friendship that lasts that long, is bound to have its ups and downs, and by the sounds of it, a lot of those emotions made it into the album.
Although the pair have had some success with their singles, there’s always a lot of pressure on a debut album to set a tone for an artist. That being said, Win and Woo don’t sound too concerned, saying that it “really represents [their] sound as a whole.” Fans of their singles will have to wait and see what to two have in store, but we can only hope it’s the first of many albums to come.
Win and Woo are currently streaming their singles on Spotify. If you want to give them a listen or are interested in them and want to hear more of what they had to say, why not check out the full interview?

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