Five Things We’ll Miss During ADE This Year


Five Things We’ll Miss During ADE This Year

We are living in a virtual world right now, which means this year’s famed Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), which is the largest EDM conference and festival in the world is digital. While virtual events help us cope with the current world events, they can’t fill the void left behind. With countless parties, pop-up events, art exhibitions, performances, meetings, lectures, and workshops, Amsterdam breathes dance music and becomes a magical city unlike any other.

Here are some things we’ll miss the most this year:

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The Food

The moment you walk into the registration area, there are bowls full of black licorice and yellow, banana-flavored candies. That unique mix shows off the trademark colors while giving you a sugar rush after a long journey. Keeping it sweet, the Stroopwaffel is two wafer cookies with a layer of caramel, and you should just think of it as the Dutch remix of an Oreo. For breakfast, Dutch pancakes are always a treat. Thin and large, they are like a crepe and can be made sweet or savory. The true foodies will be missing events at the cookery school and the infamous DJ Cookoffs. My personal guilty pleasure is Wok2Walk, which makes Asian street food. The delicious noodles are great for lunch on the Leisdestraat after daytime meetings, or in the Rembrandtplein for a quick snack before or after clubbing.

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Dogging Bicycles

Amsterdam is designed for walking and public transit, so there is little risk of being hit by a car. Though you must stay vigilant of the bicyclists. When you hear the ringing bell, get out of their way. Cyclists are aggressive and own the roads. As scary as they can be, it just wouldn’t be the ADE without dodging bicycles.
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The Locals

Most Dutch people speak three languages (Dutch, English, and German) and they are happy to speak to you in any of them. Though it is sometimes confusing when they say “hi hi” for both hello and goodbye. The most important words are Dankjewel / alstublieft (thank you and you’re welcome) as you are being polite to these gentle giants. I am not saying that all Dutch people are over six feet tall, but my neck does get a little sore after a few days of looking up at everyone.
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The Places

The Felix Meritis is the iconic home base for the ADE and networking. However, a lot of meetings take place in the various hotels around the city. We won’t name names, but if you see a lot of people outside a lobby, that’s a sign it is a place you may want to be. Amsterdam is a true museum city with something for everyone – the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Anne Frank House all come to mind. Last year, I happened upon the ultra modern Moco museum and fell in love with the edgy Banksy exhibit.
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Random Meet-Ups

The sheer concentration of talent and industry during the ADE is overwhelming.  You never know who you will bump into. It could be Afrojack presenting his clothing line or Martin Garrix enjoying some fries with mayo.  Or even just by namebadge surfing, you can often meet someone in real life that you eMail with on the regular.
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Bonus - And Of Course The Nexus Lounge

What list could be complete without The Nexus Lounge. Without being too biased, the incredible event where artists, DJs, and producers enjoy a relaxing escape from ADE madness. The trio of hosts Adam Turner, Todd Paulson, and Ron Slomowicz interview the guests and surprise them with wild Take 5 questions.

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