♫ Thomas Gold Discusses Helping other djs ♫

Dayanna Ramirez sits down with Thomas Gold at the Nexus Radio pop-up Lounge during Miami Music Week/Winter Music Conference 2018.  

Thomas discusses how he put together the all-star lineup for his Thomas Gold Presents My House Miami event, His new tracks Take It Back, and Begin Again, getting back to his old-school progressive house roots.

Thomas has a long history of educating DJs by participating in Masterclasses and tutorials. Recently, he partnered-up with Fader Pro to create a beginning-to-end tutorial for his upcoming single Begin Again.

“People know me for making tutorials online and I’ve been making these things for years now. I’ve done tutorials with Revealed (records), I’ve done Master Classes, recently I was in India I had a Master Class where I was sitting with sixty producers just discussing production tips. What I just did with a company called beta pros, we did a while day of shooting where I showed from scratch how I created my upcoming single. How the track came together, how I produced the vocal and everything.”

Check it out our blush-worthy and informative interview with the one and only Thomas Gold, especially if you are an upcoming producer. ↓

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