If you were utterly disappointed when Natascha Bessez was eliminated in episode 5 of The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart, don’t worry we are right there with you! From the beginning of this show, we’ve fallen in love with Natascha. Natascha’s rich Chilean and French heritage provides an extraordinary fresh take on pop music with an international flair.

We loved watching her in each of the five episodes she performed on, and without a doubt her last performance was absolutely jaw-dropper. If you haven’t seen it, you may want to give it a watch here. Natascha’s performance of “Stay” by Rhianna is simply out of this world! Now, sadly we can’t turn back time and rewrite history, so let’s at least give some reasons why we feel Natascha shouldn’t have been eliminated from ‘The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart’.

Her Vocal Capabilities Are Out Of This World

If you’ve now rewatched Natascha’s performance of “Stay” by Rhianna several times as we have, you’d have to agree Natascha possesses some truly exceptional singing talent. First let’s talk about range. The range of notes that Natascha can hit is just unparalleled. In every episode she performed every song perfectly and did it with confidence and beauty that we simply fell in love with. If you dig into her own songs on Spotify you’ll find the same thing. Beautifully composed tracks that show her incredible range and dynamic ability as a singer. If you’re looking to hear more, we really suggest checking out her track “Deeper Lover (Pride)’!

Her Stage Presence is Captivating

Natascha not only possesses incredible singing capabilities but she also can put on a show! You just can’t help but be mesmerized when she performs. She exhibits confidence and poise that in our opinion many other performers on the show simply couldn’t match. To be honest we can’t wait for concerts to start up again. We have our fingers crossed that Natascha will now have the platform to continue to perform and start performing live more frequently!.

She is singing for a purpose

Natascha has been singing professionally for some time and we feel she’s ready for her big break. In 2007 Natascha was a semi-finalist on Pussycat Dolls Presents: The Search For The Next Doll. This of course would have been a big break for Natascha, but after making it to the top 18, she, unfortunately, was eliminated. This however did not stop her. Natascha went on to compete on a singing show called The Voice of Holland in 2018. Through and through, Natascha has been working towards her big-break and we truly felt this should have been it!

So as you may be guessing, we will be following Natascha’s career closely. We believe it’s only a matter of time before she has the opportunity to exhibit her extraordinary singing talent once again…hopefully on ‘The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart’ Season 2!