Throttle Shows off Beatboxing Skills, Talks Upcoming Single.

At just 22 years of age, Australian DJ-producer Robbie Bergin, more famously known as Throttle has already been labeled the next big thing in electronic dance music.

The Dirty Disco pioneer’s previous collaborations with names like GalantisOliver HeldensNiko The Kid, and David Spekter, has everyone wondering What’s next for Throttle?

The beatboxing extraordinaire joined us at The BPM Supreme-Nexus Lounge ahead of his performance at the Red Room during Miami Music Week 2019, to talk about his upcoming projects, shows and more. This is Take5 with Throttle!

Dirty Disco.

Todd Michaels: Todd Michaels’ here. We’re in the BPM Supreme-Nexus Radio Lounge here in Miami, I am with DJ Throttle.

Throttle: [Beat-Box] Thank you for having me!

Todd Michaels: You are so welcome! What brings you to Miami?

Throttle: Just on vacation. Yeah, just with my family on vacation.

Todd Michaels: The wife and kids [in] the back?

Throttle: Yup! No, I’m here for Miami Music Week!

Todd Michaels: Awesome! What are you promoting? What are you working on?

Throttle: I’m having my own event tonight for the first time ever, it’s at the Red Room actual club, so that will be awesome! And then, just playing a lot of the new music, which is exciting.

Upcoming Single ‘Darling‘ & New E.P.

Todd Michaels: What is your latest release that we should be looking for?

Throttle: I’ve got a collaboration with Tony Romera called Darling which is coming out in about three or four weeks I believe. and then shortly after I’m going to do my first E.P., which is very exciting, and then [I’m] hoping to do a couple of remixes too, that’s next!

Todd Michaels: We’ll get to the fun questions, so you can have fun with these, you don’t have to be realistic on it. Who would be your ultimate dream collaboration?

Throttle: Skrillex, for sure. Yeah.

Todd Michaels: Ultimate. done. See, I believe in vibes. I believe that if you put it out there, eventually it’s going to happen. Where have you been touring to or just maybe visiting that [would be] your favorite place to visit and travel to?


Throttle: I would say Japan is probably my favorite country as far as the full experience, like the fans, the shows, the cities, they’re incredible, their food’s amazing. Yeah, I’ll say Japan I think. It’s the most different place that I’ve visited.

Todd Michaels: Are you [a big] Japanese food person?

Throttle: Big Time! Yeah.

Todd Michaels: What would be your go-to food?

Throttle: I mean, there are so many! Sushi, I like RamenChicken Karahi.

Todd Michaels: What would be your favorite Sushi Roll?

Throttle: If I’m in Japan, then just like the basic Sashimi, but if I’m in America or Australia, maybe like a Spicy Tuna. No actually, I lie, Salmon Nigiri with mayonnaise on top.

Todd Michaels: Wow, that’s perfect! That’s going in your rider next time you go somewhere.

Throttle: They’re gonna get like a little blow-torch.

Todd Michaels: Oh my God! You’re gonna have to hire a whole chef for that one.

Throttle: Oh yeah.

Billie Eilish.

Todd Michaels: So, who are you following and obsessing over on Instagram?

Throttle: I love Billie Eilish on Instagram. I mean, I love Billie Eilish in general, but her instagram is great. She’s a badass! No f**s given.

Todd Michaels: Where are you going to be the rest of 2019?

Throttle: All over! I’m touring the U.S. the next couple of weeks. Then Asia, then back to the U.S., then Europe, then Asia (again).It’s crazy! It’s all over.

Todd Michaels: When you’re on the road, are there any times when you get a food craving that you absolutely would just go for? (as in) Break all your diets? What’s a guilty pleasure food for you? One you’re like ‘If that shows up. That’s what I’m getting!’

Throttle: Pad Thai. I mean, it’s not really a guilty pleasure, but I’ll have it like four times a week sometimes. It’s the best!

Todd Michaels: What about musically? Is there something that people know DJ Throttle to be a fan of? For example, Skrillex, etc., but what happens when you’re alone in your car and something comes on and you’re just like ‘I dig this!

Throttle: I love a lot of indie music to be honest. Like I said, Billie Eilish, anyone kind of in that indie world. It’s the music that’s really big in Australia. Like, it’s Triple J (National Australian Radio Station) sort of music.

Todd Michaels: I’ve been listening to Triple J since like high school.

Throttle: Yeah? It’s anything that’s a little left-of-center, whether that’s the underground house stuff or the little left-of-center Pop, Billy (Eilish) is perfect for that. It’s all that sort of music that I love listening to in my spare time. That’s kinda all I listen-to to be honest.

No Piñata Please.

Todd Michaels: Is there a song out there in the world that you wish didn’t exist anymore?

Throttle: I mean, I don’t think so. I don’t think I’ve ever hated a song that much. (Pause) Actually! Maybe one of my songs; Pinata. It’s like the only one I don’t like.

Todd Michaels: Is there something that you would take out of your library?

Throttle: That one. It was a ‘collab’ with Niko The Kid, and I’m sure we both feel the same. We’ve done a couple (collaborations) and that one was just a glitch in the matrix. It sounds like neither of us. It’s a cool song! But not for my catalog.

Todd Michaels: All right, cool! Thanks for hanging out with us!

Throttle: Thank you for having me! [beat-box]

Todd Michaels: DJ Throttle! Here in the Nexus Radio-BPM Supreme Lounge. Enjoy the rest of your Miami Music Week!

Throttle: You too! Thank you!

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