Tommy Capretto: ‘Ambition can be Your Strongest Weapon’

Tommy Capretto joined us on the red-carpet, presented by BPM Supreme® and Big Joe® for Miami Music Week/Winter Music Conference/Nexus Radio Lounge 2018.

Capretto is an upcoming DJ and Producer from the greater Philadelphia area with music releases on Juicy Music and Armada Music. He holds residencies at Zia Maria’s in Denver (PA), Allentown, Philadelphia, as well as in New York City. Tommy is a producer on a mission, hell-bent on making an impact in the underground house-music scene.

Tommy Capretto talks about his latest single ‘Mufasa,’ a self-release and follow-up single to ‘When I’m Gone,’ the latter which was part of the BRO CODE project.

His highlight of the week includes the iHeart Remix awards, where he hopes network and have a good time around fellow artists and producers.

“Oh my god you put me on the spot, the craziest thing a girl has ever said to me; so I was DJ’ing, my eyes weren’t feeling so good so I took my contacts out, and I literally had no solution [contact lubricant], and I put them in an empty cup [with a little bit of solution], put my glasses on and a girl came over, she was just hanging on the DJ booth and she literally drank my contacts [laughs]. I’m not lying, drank my contacts right in front of me. [laughs] It’s the craziest thing someone has ever done, as far as ‘saying’ I don’t know, people say a lot of things.”

When asked what advice he would give his 15-year-old self:

“Keep the ambition, don’t stop for nobody. Just live like you have nothing to lose. Just keep moving forward and ambition can be your strongest weapon.”

To learn more about Tommy Capretto including who he’d want to DJ at his wedding, who he would take on a trip around the world and what his signature cologne would smell like, click on the full interview below↓

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