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Tony Gia Talks Joining iHeart’s Hollywood Hamilton Show

NYC based DJ Tony Gia in joined us at the Big Joe® Lounge during Miami Week and Winter Conference 2018 to talk about his Miami plans and to take the Nexus Radio ‘take 5’ quiz.

Nexus Lounge 2018 Tonygia 3
Nexus Lounge 2018 Tonygia 4

Tony is part of Hollywood Hamilton’s “Remix 30” mix-show which is syndicated in over 130 stations and 30 iHeart radio stations, was nominated for ‘Best Mixshow DJ’ last year during the iHeart DJ Awards.

We wanted to get to know Tony, so we asked him to name some famous names that he would like to have a dinner party with living or not living. We weren’t prepared to learn how much of an impact the iconic Michael Jackson had on the New York City DJ. Erick Morillo and Roger Sanchez also topped his list of idols.

of my head-Michael Jackson. I want to know his roots, where he started, how things shaped and moved and lifted. He had so much impact on, at least for me, my musical career. This guy was a true show-man, and I would love to just sit down and pick his brain for a little bit. I’m a DJ by heart. This is what I love to do. So, I would love to have guys like Erick Morillo or Roger Sanchez, and just sit down and see how they’re adapting to what’s going on in the world right now. The change between going from vinyl records to now everything’s on MP3, and now we’re using computers and software to mix. So, I would love to sit down and pick their brain.”

Tony indicated that one of his proudest moments in recent memory was last year when he took home a Billboard #1 for a he did for Lodato and Joseph Duveen for a track called “Older.”

“We took home the number one on that and the proudest moment was when that plaque came in. It said #1 right on it with my name on it. That was probably one of the proudest moments I’ve had recently other than jumping on [board with] a major radio-station legend such as Hollywood Hamilton, but when that number one plaque comes in and it says your name on it like that, it’s major- It’s almost like it lights a fire under you again and it’s like, this is why I do this right here.”

To learn more about Tony Gia, listen to the full audio interview below↓

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