Tony Gia Is On a Social Media Diet.

Tony Gia Interview.

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Tony Gia Is On a Social Media Diet. 3
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Tony Gia Is On a Social Media Diet. 4

DJ and producer Tony Gia is taking a step back to focus on himself.  And while Tony has been a DJ for quite some time now, he says that he wants to learn and master his craft, specifically in production.  “I want to change the world with music” he says, while also admitting that he’s been watching production tutorials by Reid Stefan and The Magical Puppet on YouTube.

Tony has also been working on his mental health as well, he says that stepping away from social media is almost like a diet for him.  “People think a diet is just what you eat.  A diet is a little bit more than that to me.  It’s like a mental diet as well.”

What may surprise you the most about Tony is his musical spectrum.  He says that he listens to Freestyle, ’80s, Hip-Hop, and Rock which he also uses as inspiration.  His favorite bands include Breaking Benjamin, Five Finger Death Punch, Disturbed, and Skillet to name just a few.

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