The top 5 Sad yet Hilarious EDM Jabs


The top 5 Sad yet Hilarious EDM Jabs

Everyone needs content to give them something to talk about — whether it be a comedian, a professional ranter, or an old-school music personality. Well, it just happens that EDM is the content gold-mine they’ve all been waiting for. From over-the-top DJs, to illicit drug use, to hilariously overused sounds, there’s plenty to give everyone a go at EDM. In this list, you’ll find 5 recent instances of several enthusiastic personalities exploiting EDM in several creative ways, whether for pure entertainment, critique delivery, general ranting, or the pursuit of relevance.

Let’s get started..


5) Saturday Night Live – When Will the Bass Drop?

By poking fun directly at those over-the-top EDM DJs, the Lonely Island take this parody to a whole new level of hilarious.

Most epic breakdown ever?


4) Daleri – Epic mashleg

Delivered in a beautiful 1 minute mini-mix, Daleri’s mashup makes fun of big-house tracks without uttering a single word. I think we all know what the Swedish duo is trying to say here…


3) Tosh.O – Nails Every EDM Stereotype in Under 9 Minutes

For those familiar with the infamous Dj KiddLuke video that went viral under the title “Worst Dj Ever,” then you might have an idea of where Tosh.O is going to go with this.

Daniel Tosh ended up bringing the 17-year-old on to his show for a classic Web Redemption, which allows the victim of ridicule to get another chance to “get it right.” But this redemption was not only a chance for DjKiddLuke to “get it right,” but a chance for Tosh to go on an EDM stereotype spree that brought up all the classic negative stereotypes that touched upon everything from underage girls, to DJs being professional iPod controllers. Tosh really is the master of stereotypes.


2) Bill Burr – “You know that DJ music? Wah wah wah wah, boop boop boop” 

Although Bill’s rant is a bit convoluted, as the case is with most rants, ultimately his point centered around the ridiculous amount of money that nightclubs are paying DJs to essentially spin the same sounding tracks over and over again. Still, he encourages DJ’s to get in on the Vegas money before the “DJ bubble bursts.”

“Im calling this right now — this DJ music is going to be considered the shit by a certain segment of the population, okay, and by the 2020’s everyone is going to go oh my god, this is awful.” As a twist to Bill’s rant,  New York-based DJ and producer Raffael De Luca took Bill’s made up EDM melody and turned it into a semi-legit track. Thanks for the vocals Bill!


1) Tom Petty – “It’s a drug party”


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Tom Petty

Taken from an interview, while promoting his latest record Hypnotic Eye, Tom Petty went off on a tangent and felt the need to to criticize EDM festivals, more specifically, Electric Daisy Carnival, where two people died earlier this year.

“Watch people play records? That’s stupid. You couldn’t pay me to go. I’m not oversimplifying it. That’s what’s going on. I don’t think it would be any fun without the drugs. It’s a drug party. You take that many kids to Vegas in the summer, what could go wrong? I knew it as soon as I saw the ad. I went, “Ooh, dead people.” Do you need the money so bad that you’ll put some kid’s life at risk?”

Tom Petty’s words were met with a very calm-mattered, and somewhat passive-aggressive response from the EDC founder himself, Pasquale Rotella:

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about records, DJs and dance music, including Tom Petty. We’re living in a very electronic era with constantly evolving forms of entertainment, which may be a daunting thing for a classic rocker in search of contemporary social relevancy as he starts promoting new music. But I would think that someone who played shows with Dylan and the Dead — someone who lived through and actively contributed to the counterculture era of the ’60s and ’70s — wouldn’t be so quick to drink the overhyped media Kool-Aid about our festival experience. If he wants to come to EDC Vegas next year and see what it’s really about, we’ve got a ticket with his name on it. If he doesn’t want to wait that long, Nocturnal Wonderland is right around the corner. My Mama Irene would be stoked to meet him! Who knows? He might just have a “Change of Heart.”

Sometimes the need to stay relevant brings out the worst from the famous.

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