TV Noise: Collab With Dillon Francis, New EP ‘Bring It Back’

TV Noise Interview.

Dutch Electronic DJ-production duo TV-Noise which is comprised of Jasper Gelderblom and Jelmer Ten Hoeve joined us at The Nexus Radio Lounge during the Miami Music Week 2019, to chat about their latest projects including their sickening new EP on STMPD Records titled Bring It Back, “We just needed new songs” they joked.

“No, we just wanted to show that we make all kinds of music. You know, we have a song on [the EP] called Rhythm which has more like a Tech-House kind of vibe. We have a song like called Ratata …and Bring It Back which are more of our festival kind of songs. We just wanted to show what we can do in the studio and it worked out really great! The responses were super sick!”

Dillon Francis.

Jesper and Jelmer reminisce on traveling to Los Angeles to work with Dillon Francis on their previous single and they also dish on an upcoming single with Dillon is already in the works.

“He actually messaged us I think around Christmas, we were having dinner with our family and then we just got a message like ‘hey, it’s DilloOf the n. I Love, love, love your tracks.’ …and like a couple of weeks later we were there [in L.A.] just having like five, six studio days with him …I think we made like eight or nine songs together in studio.”

“He showed us a lot of ways to be very creative with sounds. So in our last track we used a goat, baby sounds or like monkeys, we just teach each other just a lot of things in that way I think”

Nintendo Switch.

The notorious video gamers confessed that ever since their career “took off” they haven’t had much time for late night Nintendo Switch sessions.

“Last summer was like crazy. We took our Nintendo Switches to our hotel rooms and just played all night long. We got a booking in Quebec and then played Fortnight again. So it’s a bit crazy. Now that things are blowing up, you know, we get like people waiting at airports for us. Every couple of hours we get a lot of messages. So, now we’re really motivated to make music. A lot of our time now goes just into making a lot of music!”

To learn more about TV Noise, including their favorite childhood cartoon characters, favorite emojis and their most annoying habit, listen to the full interview below!

The Interview.