TyDi: Music Without Downtime – A Nexus Radio Interview

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Joining us at the Sonarworks popup studio in the Nexus Radio lounge, we got the chance to speak with the ever-intriguing TyDi about his music, his career, and the problems that arise from burnout.
For Australian songwriter Tyson Illingworth – known to his fans as TyDi – getting the right sound means everything. “It’s like you write a hundred songs to get that one,” he says when asked about his process, but, as his career will attest, finding that one can make all the difference. Over the last two decades, he’s on the journey from relative obscurity to mainstream popularity within the EDM market.
In 2005, at just 17 years old, he was signed by Armada – the record label of the legendary Armen van Buuren – and by 2011, he was already topping charts across the world. At this point, he’s released six albums, the latest of which (Collide) is a collaboration with famous American composer Christopher Tin.
On meeting the man up close, one of the first things you realize about TyDi is that he’s certainly not afraid to speak his mind. Artistically speaking, he compares himself to Elon Musk because “the man’s a genius, and why would I compare myself to a musician when I can compare myself to someone who’s a genius.” That kind of outspoken and upfront attitude defines both the music and career of an artist like TyDi.

“Many people don’t know when they’re burned out, and I think that’s important. It’s like many people think they can push through, but then they get their worst results. I think one of the secrets to my success that I didn’t know was a secret is knowing when you’re burned out.”

When talking about the lifestyle of a musician on tour, TyDi was pretty open about the exhausting day-to-day routine of playing non-stop international concerts.
He said one thing most people don’t ever experience is “having to wake up straight after a show with only thirty minutes sleep, and then getting to the next show, and then someone saying to you in china ‘hey here’s some tequila! Let’s go!’… Normal human beings need down-time.”
Finally, he wrapped up the interview in style by saying a big think you to Nexus Radio for supporting his songs and for inviting him to speak with us.
If you’d like to learn more about TyDi, where he thinks the future is going, and the music he’s currently working on, then be sure to check out the full, exclusive Nexus Radio Interview.

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