tyDi and Unlike Pluto were both in the studio together and their interviews shared a common theme – artist restrictions. Unlike Pluto mentioned how labels were afraid of anything different. tyDi spoke about getting A&Red to death, which is when non-artists tell him what to sound like. Ever the artist, he transformed his times of saying “I wish I was doing this” to a new artist project under the name Wish I Was.

As tyDi, he had hit a constraint. He wrote a 20 song album, collaborating with different singers and tracking live instruments for a world tour. He couldn’t repeat it and had to be in love with what he was doing. As Wish I Was, tyDi channeled his darker and more emotional lyrics into some new songs that he put on Soundcloud. The more relaxed vibes captured everyone’s attention, and the song “Cutting Ties” became the most played track for Sirius XM Chill. People embraced this different sound, and tyDi was happy to be able to express his dual personality.

So what does the artist with two personas do next? An orchestral electronic album called Collide. tyDi put his degree in classical music to work and did the sound design for 12 tracks ranging from house and trance to trap and drum and bass, with some progressive in the mix. He then teamed up with Grammy award-winning composer Christopher Tin to arrange the music for the London Symphony Orchestra. This isn’t some acoustic or candlelight version of EDM tracks; Collide has tyDi stepping outside of his box and taking dance music where it has never been, with a focus on counterpoint writing and showing the intellectual beauty of composition.

tyDi announced the Collide album exclusively on Nexus radio, saying the album is a cohesive piece of work with six-minute songs meant to be listened to as an album. A true artist album, now that’s the work of a real artist who is truly pushing boundaries.

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