Ultra Naté Shares Her Story: Advocate, BLM, LGBTQ+, Kamala Harris.


Ultra Naté Shares Her Story: Advocate, BLM, LGBTQ+, Kamala Harris.

We sat down with Ultra Naté to candidly discuss her foray into the music industry, LGBTQ+ advocacy in music, Kamala Harris, and much more.

Ultra Naté is an American singer, songwriter and DJ with over 30 active years in the industry to boast. In that time, she’s released eight studio albums and numerous hit dance club singles–in fact, virtually all of her singles have achieved their way into the top 10 of the Billboard US Hot Dance Club Play chart. In 2016, Billboard justly ranked her as the 12th most successful dance artist of all-time.

The spirited conversation begins with a flashback to her humble beginnings: Ultra Naté fondly recalls falling in love with music during her teenage years, back in the 80s. Her fascinating story takes place in Baltimore, Maryland, at a club that Ultra describes as “our version of a Paradise Garage type venue with a massive sound system, crazy culture and vibe and amazing music… I went there one night completely unaware and the rest is history, as they say.”

Flash forward a few successful decades later, and Ultra Naté is still brimming with never-ending creative juices. In the chaos of the pandemic, she took refuge in her studio, and that is where her latest single “Fierce” was born.

Ultra Nate

Armed with a strong premonition of social change to come in 2020, Ultra Naté partnered with trans rights advocate and actress Angelica Ross from the hit TV show POSE and American Horror Story: Fame. And activist and singer Mila Jam to brilliantly fuse a powerful message with a sensational and catchy beat. When we asked about the creative inspiration behind the new track “Fierce,” Ultra Naté shares:

"We knew we wanted it to be bigger than just another dance track. It really needed to speak to what was happening in the moment. There was a significant uptick in the assault and abuse and murders of transgender women. We are strong supporters of our LGBT community. We wanted the song to speak to that. And so, we wrote this song that was to be empowering not only to cis-gender or transgender black women, but to people in general. Mostly, to really talk to our community, those that are marginalized and create this work, that goes to support them and… create awareness of what is happening currently."

It is clear Ultra Naté takes her position as someone with a large platform and influence seriously. Outside of music alone, she takes to social media to initiate conversations of social importance. When inquired how she approached the conversation of the Black Lives Matter movement, she was unhesitant: “Oh, I just kicked down the door. I don’t have to think about it. I don’t have time to be deliberating… If you have to deliberate over it, you’re already on the wrong side of history.”

Speaking about other artists that have yet to use their platform for progress she says, “If you are quiet, you are complicit. So, I then have to wonder: what is your intention for me? If I do not know your position… I mean really, that’s it. I’m still in a quandary about many people out there right now that have not spoken up.”

Hear our in-depth interview with the amazing singer, songwriter, and DJ that’s bringing music and social justice to a whole new generation!

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