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Ummet Ozcan Talks Venturing Into Film Scoring

Ummet Ozcan joined us for the Nexus Radio red-carpet event presented by Big Joe® and BPM Supreme® for Miami Week/Winter Music Conference/Nexus Radio Lounge 2018.

Ummet Ozcan is a -Turkish DJ and from Putten, Gelderland. Ummet has produced remixes for the like of Tiësto (“Wasted”) and Axwell & Ingrosso (“More Than You Know”) to name a few.

Ozcan discussed his upcoming projects, which includes a lot of and him venturing into -scores (Motion-picture and movie soundtracks)- which he also tells us that he’s been getting very good reactions from Hollywood.

With all that work in the pipeline and now with the -scoring, we couldn’t help but wonder; how does Ummet maintain his amazing physique?

“I go to gym a lot, I don’t drink that much. The only thing- my bad habit is [that] I smoke now and then. But I really like to go to the gym. I do a lot of kick-boxing every week and [I watch my] my food, so I don’t know- I’m feeling good.”

Ummet Ozcan

To learn more about Ummet Ozcan, including who takes care of his pet dog “Princes Shiva” while he’s on tour, and the inspiration behind starting Oz Records and more, click on the full audio interview below↓

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