Unleashing the Beat Wizardry: Steve Noise’s Sonic Saga Unraveled

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In a recent rendezvous at the HeyDude Pop-Up Interview Space within the Nexus Lounge, electronic music aficionados were treated to a deep dive into the sonic world of 31-year-old Italian DJ and Producer, Steve Noise. Known for his roots in EDM and Progressive House, Steve Noise has carved a niche for himself in the industry, working on diverse projects and even being a part of the Mark Otten Coaching Program from STMPD Studios, spearheaded by none other than Martin Garrix.

Harking back to his humble beginnings in 2010, Steve Noise reminisced about kickstarting his DJ career in the intimate clubs of northern Milan. Over the years, he has evolved, becoming a ghost producer for fellow artists and securing a Certificate in Sound Design from NABA in Milan. Notably, Steve joined the Spinnin’Records Talent Pool in 2016, a move that significantly amplified his reach and garnered valuable feedback from his growing audience.

Stephen Noise

The Nexus Lounge interview delved into the multifaceted aspects of Steve Noise’s musical journey. From his exploration of future bass demos to upcoming collaborations with Natalia Bear, the artist unfolded layers of his creativity and shared insights into the nuances of music production. An anecdote from a live performance left fans amused, as Steve recalled a cloud concert mishap that momentarily halted the music, leaving the audience in bewilderment.

As the interview touched upon Steve Noise’s go-to dance move and his adept use of Instagram for music promotion, it became evident that this artist is not only a master of beats but also attuned to the social media pulse. The Nexus Lounge conversation was a testament to Steve Noise’s continuous evolution in the electronic music landscape.

For an immersive experience into the world of Steve Noise – his journey, anecdotes, and future plans – don’t miss the full audio interview. Tune in for a sonic odyssey that transcends the boundaries of EDM and takes you on a mesmerizing ride.

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