Unveiling Costax: The Maestro of Melodic Techno

In a captivating audio interview with DJ Davis at the Nexus Lounge for the Level Awards, London-based DJ and record producer Costax spoke about his musical journey, passion projects, and future ambitions. The session was an insightful dive into the mind of an artist whose signature sound—a fascinating blend of pulsating rhythms and dreamy melodies—has captivated audiences worldwide.

Costax, a self-taught musician with a strong foundation in piano and electronic music production, shared stories from his early days, emphasizing his relentless work ethic and unyielding passion for music. He reminisced about his exhilarating debut performance at the iconic Ministry of Sound in January 2020, where he played alongside the legendary Fedde Le Grand. This milestone began his regular appearances at the renowned venue, solidifying his place in the electronic music scene.


A significant highlight of the interview was Costax’s discussion about his entrepreneurial ventures. In 2023, he founded Dioscuri Records, a label that has quickly gained traction, with his latest releases consistently appearing in the Beatport top 100 Melodic Techno charts. His tracks have garnered support from international heavyweights like Vintage Culture, Timo Maas, and EDX, showcasing his growing influence in the industry.

Outside of his music career, Costax is a man of diverse interests and creative pursuits. He revealed his deep-seated passion for films and sports, offering a glimpse into his personal life. He also shared details about his latest venture, a clothing line inspired by his twins, which beautifully blends his artistic vision with personal inspiration. His enthusiasm for these projects was palpable, reflecting his diverse interests and creative spirit.

The conversation took an intimate turn as Costax shared his favorite movies and animals, offering fans a more personal connection with the artist. He wrapped up the interview with a nod to his ongoing and upcoming projects, expressing excitement about the future and his continued evolution as an artist.

As Costax looks forward to more thrilling performances and innovative releases, he leaves fans with an invitation to delve deeper into his world by tuning in to the full interview. Experience the passion and vision of Costax firsthand by listening to the complete audio session, available now.

Listen to the full interview to uncover more about Costax’s journey and future endeavors. Don’t miss out on this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at one of melodic techno’s rising stars.

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