Unveiling Mario Clavasquin: A Maestro of Tech House and Latin Rhythms

In a captivating interview with DJ Davis at the Nexus Lounge, Mario Clavasquin delved into his musical journey, shedding light on his evolution from the esteemed duo NXNY to a thriving solo career. Known for his innovative fusion of tech house and Latin rhythms, Mario has spent over 15 years crafting electrifying DJ sets and groundbreaking productions that have captivated audiences worldwide.

Mario’s recent transition to a solo career in 2023 has been nothing short of spectacular. Discussing his journey, he shared insights into his chart-topping releases that continue to showcase his unique style and creative vision. His solo career has seen him perform at iconic venues across New York City, Miami, Amsterdam, and Puerto Rico, solidifying his reputation as a dynamic force in the electronic music scene.

Mario Clavasquin

One of the highlights of the interview was Mario’s reflection on his recent successful event, Buena Casa, and the anticipation surrounding his Mas Vida event. Originally from Medellin, Colombia, Mas Vida has found a new home in Miami, much to the excitement of Mario’s fans. Mario spoke passionately about his roots, being born and raised in New York with a Honduran family, and how Colombia has become a second home, deeply influencing his music.

“The music scene in Colombia is vibrant and full of energy,” Mario said. “It’s a place where I find endless inspiration, and I’m thrilled to bring a piece of that to Miami.”

Mario also touched on his plans for the future, emphasizing his focus on building his brand as a solo artist and continuing to push the boundaries of tech house and Latin tech house. His decade-long experience in music production shines through in every track, as he skillfully blends infectious energy with intricate rhythms.

During the interview, DJ Davis and Mario engaged in a playful segment called “Take Five,” where Mario answered a series of fun and rapid-fire questions. This segment not only showcased Mario’s charismatic personality but also provided fans with a deeper glimpse into his life beyond the music.

For those eager to dive deeper into Mario Clavasquin’s world and hear more about his exciting plans, be sure to listen to the full interview. Discover the passion and talent that drive this exceptional artist and get ready to be inspired by his journey and future endeavors.

Catch the full interview and immerse yourself in the electrifying world of Mario Clavasquin.

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