Unveiling the Beats: An Insight into Mitch B’s Musical Journey

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In a recent sit-down at the Nexus Lounge, Italian DJ and producer Mitch B shared his experiences, inspirations, and future plans with DJ Davis from Nexus Radio. The conversation started with Mitch B’s plans for Miami Music Week, reflecting his active involvement in the music scene. He also delved into his background, revealing his humble beginnings on the iconic beaches of the Romagnola Riviera. His stage name, a tribute to the Baywatch lifeguard, mirrors the sun-soaked origins of his career.

Mitch B’s passion for music extends beyond the decks. He shared his experiences attending the International Music Summit in Ibiza and his approach to adjusting his listening experiences using different types of headphones. His answers to rapid-fire questions about his favorite songs, movie soundtracks, and embarrassing moments provided a glimpse into his personal tastes and experiences.

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The interview also touched on Mitch B’s love for trying different foods during his travels, showcasing his adventurous spirit. He even shared his favorite dining spots in Miami, a treat for fans looking to follow in his footsteps.

Mitch B’s dedication to his craft has seen him grace the decks of renowned venues, including the legendary Papeete, and earned him the title of Best Resident DJ in Italy at the Dance Music Awards 2018. His tracks, which traverse the realms of house, deep house, and Balearic electronics, have resonated at iconic venues worldwide.

For those eager to delve deeper into Mitch B’s world, we encourage you to listen to the full interview. It’s a captivating exploration of a dedicated artist’s journey in the music industry, and it’s not to be missed.

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