Unveiling the Melodic Depths: Tantok’s Journey and Musical Secrets Revealed

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In a captivating audio interview, Tantok, the enigmatic American DJ and Producer, provided a rare glimpse into his world of pulsating beats and melodic symphonies. Hosted live from the AOC Gaming Bungalow at the Nexus Lounge, the conversation transcended Miami Music Week excitement to explore the depths of Tantok’s artistic universe.

Amidst discussions on upcoming shows and musical projects, Tantok unveiled his production setup nuances, shedding light on his preference for monitors and screens. Revealing snippets about his latest ventures in deep house and melodic techno, he tantalized listeners with teasers about his track “Paradox” and recent signing with Clippers Sounds.


Digging deeper, Tantok opened up about his eclectic influences, citing figures like Mark King from Level 42 and the legendary Deadmau5. The conversation meandered through the corridors of inspiration, touching upon the enigmatic design of his iconic helmet, hinting at cosmic connections and ancient alien motifs. From soulful tunes by Jamiroquai to the funkadelic rhythms of James Brown, Tantok shared the musical gems that ignite his creative spark.

Yet, amidst the professional discourse, the interview sparkled with personal anecdotes, from awkward grade school moments to surreal UFO encounters during midnight drives. It’s these glimpses into the man behind the music that truly resonate, painting a portrait of Tantok beyond the decks and consoles.

As the interview drew to a close, DJ Your Honor and Tantok recorded drops for Nexus Radio, leaving fans eager for more of Tantok’s sonic adventures.

For those hungry to delve deeper into the symphonic realms of Tantok’s world, the full interview beckons, promising a journey of sonic discovery and untold tales.

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