Unveiling ZANGI: A Journey Through Music, Emotions, and Creativity

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During a captivating interview at the AOC Gaming Bungalow, the Nexus Lounge hosted an enlightening conversation between DJ Your Honor and the talented Italian DJ & Producer, ZANGI. The atmosphere was electric as ZANGI shared insights into his musical evolution and artistic philosophy.

As the interview commenced, DJ Your Honor’s welcoming demeanor set the stage for an engaging exchange. ZANGI’s passion for music and his dedication to conveying emotions through his artistry were palpable. From discussing his preference for Logic Pro in music production to his latest releases like “Hexagon,” ZANGI showcased a deep connection to his craft and a commitment to authenticity.


One of the interview’s highlights was ZANGI’s reflection on his musical influences, citing artists like Martin Garrix and Medusa as sources of inspiration. His journey from DJing in 2010 to producing his first official single in 2021 underscored his growth and artistic maturity.

Beyond music, the interview delved into ZANGI’s personal life, revealing his humorous side through anecdotes about embarrassing moments and nostalgic recollections of his first cell phone. These moments humanized ZANGI, making him relatable to his fans and showcasing the person behind the artist.

As the interview drew to a close, ZANGI teased upcoming projects, including a collaboration with Noise titled “Crazy.” His gratitude for the opportunity to share his music on Nexus Radio was evident, emphasizing his commitment to creating meaningful experiences for his listeners.

Fans are encouraged to listen to the full interview to immerse themselves in ZANGI’s musical journey, emotional depth, and unwavering passion for connecting with audiences through his art.

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