Up-And-Comer EMPEROR Talks MMW and new single, “BAMBINO REGNO”

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We caught up with EMPEROR in the CALPAK space at the Nexus Lounge Miami during Miami Music Week. The up-and-coming DJ chatted about his upcoming record, “Bambino Regno,” shared some musical influences, and answered a few questions as part of our Nexus Take 5 series.

Relatively new to the scene, EMPEROR is as enigmatic as he is boundary-pushing. Little is known about the masked DJ besides that his music unites techno fans worldwide and pushes the genre in new and unexplored directions. 


As EMPEROR delves into his interview with Manny Van Dahl, he shares his excitement about Miami Music Week. He’s here to promote his upcoming single, “BAMBINO REGNO,” a track he describes as a personal journey of self-discovery “about trying to find out who you are from a young age.”

This single, now available on streaming platforms worldwide, was inspired by his own introspection into his past, seeking to understand “what caused [him] to be wired the way that [he’s] wired”. 

EMPEROR’s sound blends dark techno and introspective melodies. The DJ shares that some of his biggest influences include Eric Marillo, adding that when he produces it’s “more about experimenting with my emotions.”


Before he heads out, EMPEROR answers some questions as part of our Nexus Take 5 series. He tells us that one of his favorite passions outside of music is cooking and that if he could be any animal, he’d probably be a scorpion, adding, “I’m a die-hard Scorpio.”

To learn more about EMPEROR, check out our full-length and exclusive interview with this up-and-comer below. And, as always, make sure to follow us on Instagram @nexusradiodance for more exclusive interviews with dance music’s most prominent artists.


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