Up-and-Comer Will Weinbach Talks MMW, Ultra Festival and New Single “Love You More”

We were joined by up-and-comer Will Weinbach at our Nexus Lounge Miami pop-up at Miami Music Week. We chatted about his experience at the Ultra Music Festival, his connection with his fans, and his upcoming single, “Love You More.”

Music producer, entrepreneur, and athlete, Will is a 22-year-old with a wide range of skills and a rapidly growing fan base. A big proponent of social media, Will’s been hosting Instagram Live sessions from the age of fifteen and tells us that he “loves to connect with my fans as much as possible.”

Will Weinbach

The artist tells us that, of all that Miami Music Week has to bring, he’s most excited about the Ultra Music Festival: “I think it’s one of the biggest music festivals in the world.” He confesses that he hadn’t gotten much sleep upon arriving in Miami the night before but doesn’t think there’s a better way to experience this event.

The producer tells us that Will’s new song, “Love You More,” is a love song that includes aspects of hope and enjoyment. It’s the latest exciting release from this artist, whose social media and Spotify followings have slowly grown as he continues to share his music. Previous releases include “Burn My Soul,” “Falling for You,” and “Safe and Sound.”

Getting into our Take 5 segment—where we ask our guests a series of rapid-fire questions that can be funny, serious, or plain odd—we ask Will what he thinks AI’s impact will be on the music industry. Like us, he believes it’ll profoundly affect how artists create music.

Will tells us that the first track he downloaded was “probably the Beggin’ remix by Dubdogz” If he could choose any TV show or movie to live in, it’d be Family Guy. Great taste all around.

To hear more of this up-and-coming artist’s thought’s on all things Miami Music Week, check out the full-length and exclusive interview below. And make sure to tune in to Nexus Radio for your daily dose of dance music news.

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