Valmar Is Taking His Music Worldwide – ADE Exclusive Interview

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In another exciting artist interview from this year’s ADE, we sat down with Valter Marchetti – known by his stagename VALMAR – for a chat about music, Amsterdam, and what we can expect to hear from him next.
Originally from Rome, Valmar has spent the last year traveling the world, going to EDM hotspots like Ibiza, Miami, and, of course, Amsterdam. In that time, he’s also begun to build up quite the audience on Spotify, with over 300’000 monthly listeners and growing. In short, he’s got a serious career in the making, so when we sat down with him at this year’s ADE, we first wanted to know how things are going and what kind of a project we can expect to hear next.

“I just released a very cool, funny track,” says Valmar, “on a music label from Germany - Swutch Music - and this track has a lot of success, especially in Brazil.”

The track in question is called “La La Song” and has received over 100’000 listens on Spotify in the short time since it’s been out. He also recently published an authorized cover of “I Need A Miracle” on Black Lizard. The track is an excellent update of Coco’s iconic ‘90s hit, incorporating a brilliantly modern sound.

He also said he was working on a collaboration with Leandro Da Silva – another excellent artist to watch out for – that should be coming out sometime next month.

Now, if there’s one issue that affects all of us in some way or another, it’s mental health, and that’s why we often like to ask artists how they maintain positive mental health. For Valmar, the answer is all about family.

“I have a great family. They are all my strength, and my wife is very supportive. She always travels with me, and she’s my first support and my first fan. She’s always dancing while I’m playing.”

One thing that comes across throughout the conversation is how much passion Valmar has for music. In his words, “music gives a lot of energy and feelings. In my case, it is something that keeps me alive day by day.”

Last but not least, as we wrapped up, he strongly implied that we would likely see him again at next year’s Miami Music Week. Fans will no doubt be excited to hear this, and here at Nexus Radio, we’re looking forward to what will no doubt be another fantastic performance!

Insert textTo learn more about Valmar, his music, and the passion that drives him to keep creating, check out the full, exclusive ADE interview below.

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