Vassy : ‘You Guys Shoved Me into An Ice-Box’

Vassy Karagiorgios otherwise known as simply VASSY is an Australian-American singer-songwriter and producer who has worked with the likes of David GuettaAfrojackTiestoKSHMR, and Benny Benassi. The singer solidified her dance-music icon status with her 2014 collaboration “Bad” with David Guetta, which went 27-times double-platinum.

Vassy’s new single “Love Somebody New” (Armada Music) featuring Sultan + Ned Shepard, was released only days before her interview with Nexus Radio and had already garnered over 100,000 streams by the time Miami Music Week came around. Nexus Radio premiered “Love Somebody New” by playing it every hour, at the top of the hour, on the day of its release.

This in-demand songstress proved she’s on fire, as she was not a big fan of the coldness within the ice-bar during the Nexus Radio Lounge;

“You guys shoved me in an icebox, I literally feel like I’m in Moscow right now and its Miami.”

Nexus Lounge 2018 Vassy 2

The “Lost” singer, who had only landed in Miami a couple hours earlier, took some time away from prepping for her live performance with Afrojack (at Ultra Music Festival) the day after, to talk to Nexus Radio about her experiences as a trailblazer, entrepreneur and her family.

When Nexus Radio host Todd Michaels asked her who she would invite to an imaginary dinner party- if she could invite anyone living or dead, Vassy opted for a family dinner whom she rarely gets to see these days. The dinner party would also have to include her late father (who passed away over fifteen years ago):

“My father- he died a long time ago. So probably my father and then my mother (who is alive but she doesn’t see often), I would also wants both my siblings. Yes, I would want to have dinner with my father, my mother, my brother and my sister like old times.”

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When it comes to the most memorable moment in her career, she said performing “Secrets” acapella with Tiesto during Ultra Music Festival in front of 400,000 people definitely tops her list:

“Ultra Miami with Tiesto two years ago when we did the song “Secrets” during sunset time, I started acapella and on the second word- the whole crowd began to sing, over 150,000 people. It was a number one record at the time, and that was a magical moment. And then again at Tomorrowland, and that was with Tiesto again but this time it was a crowd of 400,000 people. I’ve never performed in front of 400,000 people before-that was insane.”

Listen to the full audio interview below↓

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