Vinicius Unveils Musical Journey at Nexus Lounge Miami

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In a lively interview at the Nexus Lounge Miami edition held at the Phillips Space, Farius from Nexus Radio engaged with emerging DJ and music producer Vinicius. The conversation highlighted Vinicius’s excitement about his first visit to Miami, a city he described as vibrant and inspiring.

Vinicius, who has been playing and producing music for over a decade, discussed his recent collaboration with Dillon Francis, describing it as a milestone in his career. The interview offered a deeper insight into his personal life, revealing his favorite movie soundtrack, his passion for video games, and his cherished childhood toys.


Adding a touch of fun, the interview concluded with Vinicius answering light-hearted questions about the contents of his backpack and which animal he would choose to be. He wrapped up the session by sharing his social media handle, encouraging fans to stay connected.

Vinicius’s enthusiasm and dedication to his craft were evident throughout the interview. As he charmingly noted, “Miami is a dream come true, and I’m thrilled to share my music journey with everyone here.”

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