Vluarr: A Rising Future Bass Star

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Vluarr joined us at the BPM Music popup studio in the Nexus Lounge, Amsterdam.
At just four years of age, Vluarr – AKA Vladimir Nicolaj de Groot – picked up his first instrument: the cello. As a defining point of his childhood, music then became the focus and drive for who is now an ambitious and determined 24-year-old producer from Amsterdam.
Focusing primarily on Future Bass, House, and Bass House, he creates compelling and engaging atmospheres, which are certified club and festival hits. His work has been featured on several labels, including his single ANTA, which was released via Monstercat (and featured on Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 11); Paradise was also released via Monstercat the following month. Alongside Monstercat, Vluarr has released tracks on other high-end labels such as Barong Family and STMPD.
In our interview, we spoke with Vluarr about his recent work, his songwriting process, and his highlights of the year.
2022 has been an impressive year for Vluarr in terms of releases, with six under his belt thus far. He tells us about his latest project, Sober, which featured a collaboration with Brooks. “It was really fun to work with Brooks because I think his sound is similar to mine and he’s a great guy, and we work really well together”, he says. “I think the track was a really good combination of our sounds combined. We are definitely going to be making more music in the future and yeah, I’m happy with the track.”
Vluarr also had some interesting notes on his songwriting process:

“The main part of starting a track is not forcing myself to make something good from the start. I’m just messing around [for] like the first two hours; I’m just messing around until I find something that really sticks to me. From there it’s very easy [for me] to move on with that one thing that I have because it’s a base of the track for me. From then it’s easy; just mess around. Just have fun with it and… don’t force yourself to do certain things.”

When we introduced our Take-5 questions to Vluarr, he decided he would like to be the President for the day and would choose to eat schnitzel every day. He also told us about his year’s highlights and decided they were playing the iconic Tomorrowland festival for the first time and collaborating with Martin Garrix. “There are a lot of nice things that happened for me this year, so I’m very grateful for what happened”, he says.

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